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Motorized Shades Provide Beauty, Elegance, and Effortless Control

Natural light is known to elevate our moods, increase productivity, and enhance our well-being. So important is it to our health and your home’s beauty that world-class designers determine the quality of architecture by how natural light illuminates the space. With the proper lighting and window treatments, a home becomes a sanctuary, illuminated from within and brought to life with the sun's filtered rays. 

Motorized shades can create this warmth and intrigue and make managing daylight effortless. They also offer exquisite window coverings with designer fabrics from around the world in sheer, woven, and luxurious tactile materials. When integrated with a home automation platform, these shades create the perfect level of daylight and privacy without effort, providing extreme convenience and comfort. 

Are you intrigued by the possibilities and benefits smart window coverings provide? Explore how we create the perfect environment that’s both beautiful and functional in your Boulder, CO, home.

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The Perfect Design

Today’s motorized shades are far different than their predecessors. Many of today’s smart window coverings are designed for luxury homes using customized materials in every imaginable form. They raise and lower in nearly silent, perfect unison.

Imagine soft, diffused sunlight entering through sheer fabrics controlled by fabric vanes. This combination of sheer drapery and blinds offers breathtaking beauty and extreme control of daylight. Motorized roman shades provide an elegant, modern aesthetic that comes in inspired colors and textures. 

Our designers will explore the nearly limitless possibilities, creating the ideal design and management of daylight in every room. They consider your family’s lifestyle and create a home that provides the perfect lighting for every occasion. The outcome is the careful dispersion of light to create a peaceful oasis. 

Managing Daylight

Programmed scenes allow you to manage your shades and lighting with one touch of an elegant in-wall keypad or touchscreen. Tap the "Entertainment" button, and the shades facing your backyard rise, revealing enchanting landscape lighting. The shades facing the front of your home lower, providing privacy. These scenes are set for numerous activities, including dinner, movie night, and morning. When it's time for bed, tap the "Good Night" button, and all your shades close.

We also program shades to respond automatically at different times of the day. For example, many of our clients enjoy the beauty of the sunset on the surrounding mountains. In these homes, we may program the west-facing shades to open before the sun sets and lower when darkness falls, ensuring you never miss the close of another beautiful day and retain your privacy at night.

Enjoy Elevated Living and Daylight Control

As the prolific designer and architect Ricardo Legorreta once said, “Light belongs to the heart and spirit. Light attracts people, it shows the way, and when we see it in the distance, we follow it.” Are you ready to create an environment that makes the most of natural light while adding beauty and elegance to your home?

At Aurum, our designers and home automation integrators work together to create luxurious homes of beauty, health, comfort, and convenience. Contact us at 303-558-9050 or fill out our contact form to start the conversation. We look forward to hearing from you!

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