Enrich Luxury Living with Elegant Lighting Control

Sophisticated and elegant living room with modern rustic elements that almost shimmer with the light.

How Lighting Control Brings Out Your Home’s Best Features and Adds Vibrancy to Your Rooms

When you first walk into a luxury home, many things catch your eye and excite the senses. Whether it is the deep wood grain floors, evocative decor, or the draw of stainless steel and marble countertops in the kitchen, all of it shimmers with a lifeforce because of lighting. 

At Aurum, we view lighting as more than having the best fixtures to complement the decor. We see it as the defining element of your living spaces. More than a way to guide your path in the dark, lighting control elevates the tenor of a room and helps you enjoy a new level of convenience and luxury. 

Do you desire a more sophisticated way to illuminate your Boulder, CO home? Explore how we are your best choice by reading more below. 

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Make Your Home More Illuminating With a Lighting Control System

Light gleaming into a white kitchen with a wooden table in the middle.

Discover How You Can Add Vibrancy and Vitality to Your Living Spaces 


The design of your home, from the architectural lines to the decor, are expressions of your deepest desires and closely-held sense of self. While you may trust a professional to bring the elements of painting, furniture, and knick-knacks, they must resonate with who you are and how you want to feel. 

A lighting control system plays an intimate part in bringing a room, and its occupants, to an elevated state of consciousness and wellbeing. Ingo Maurer, the remarkable and renowned designer of avant-garde light fixtures, describes the concept concisely, stating: "Light can be sensual; it can be comforting; it can even be dangerous. It goes beyond science or nature, or even art - it is as potent as life itself."

Are you looking to add illumination that enhances the way you live in your Vail, CO home? Keep reading below to discover the benefits of Lutron’s lighting products. 

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Natural light is the most vital element on earth. The regular rise and setting of the sun have dictated our human activities for centuries until the advent of artificial lights. Our biological development and cultural expressions continue to be influenced by the rhythms and cycles of our days. 

Home illumination often focuses on the practical aspects, such as providing light to guide your way in the dark. However, Lutron lighting takes a more holistic approach by bringing your rooms to life, adding vibrancy and vigor to everything you do. 

Are you curious about how a circadian-based lighting system complements your Boulder, CO, lifestyle? Keep reading below to learn more. 

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As The Seasons Change, Updating Your Illumination Brings Renewal and Restoration Of Your Home and Self.

How your home is lit has an oversized influence on how you start the day and view the world around you. Without proper and inspiring lighting, you have diminished focus, less comfort and poorer health.

An advanced lighting control system transforms the rooms you live in by creating a warmer, more welcoming environment full of ambiance. From brightening up the bedroom, crafting a more creative spirit in a listening room, or adding a bit of pizazz to late-season outdoor entertaining, lighting affects how you see the world.

If you are looking to change from lackluster light and outdated fixtures for your Vail, CO, home, continue reading below. 


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