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10 Reasons to Consider a Home Theater Installation

high-end luxury home theater with purple lights installed along the ceiling and screen

Let Aurum Transport You to New Heights of Entertainment

Imagine walking into a special room of your Colorado home and immediately being transported into a brand-new world. As you walk into the room, you press the Movie Time button on an on-wall keypad by the door. The lights gently fade—darker at the front of the room by the screen and dimly lit along the walking path from the antique popcorn machine on the snack table at the back of the room toward the tiered seating area. The rollaway projection screen and projector come down from their hiding spot in the ceiling, ready for you to make a viewing selection.

After you make your way from the snack area to your favorite seat in the house, you sink into a plush leather chair and set your popcorn and beverage down beside you. Reaching for the universal smart remote, you press the Play button on your TV show, movie, or game of choice. All you need to do now is relax and enjoy the show as a larger-than-life video display keeps your eyes glued to the screen, and lifelike audio surrounds you from every direction. With a home theater installation from Aurum, this could be your reality each and every day. 

Read below to discover a few more reasons you may want to consider this home technology upgrade for your home in the Vail Valley.

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Home Theater with brown leather recliners looking at a screen with Steinway Lyngdorf speakers at the front.


The transformative power of movies is unique among all other art forms; the medium evokes emotional responses, calls to action, and deeper understanding. The vocabulary of film, its universality in expressing the human condition, creates a shared conversation that can be comprehended even when you don’t speak the language. 

From the earliest ages, we become engaged with the storylines that engross us. It draws us in and holds our rapt attention like nothing else. Of course, the delights of the silver screen entail more than a good storyline and well-shot image; the audio has a significance that equals the visual. 

If you are seeking genuinely stunning sound at your Denver, CO home, continue reading below to see how you can experience it with premium home theater systems.

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