Music lovers and audiophiles alike often daydream about the ultimate sound system. There are many ways to experience audio around today’s modern home – and while you could just plug in some speakers and pump up the volume, a professionally designed and installed speaker system carefully integrated into your overall design can maximize the sound performance in every listening area of the home.

Great speakers do more than just sound good

They bring your music-listening experience to a new level. An incredible audio experience puts speakers behind the scenes or integrated into the design of the room, with high-performance audio always at the center of the action.

When choosing speakers, consider where and how you’ll be using them. Whether it’s a media room, home theater or playing background music throughout the home, each space will be a dedicated listening zone with speakers chosen to serve the space, enhance the listening experience and blend with overall design.

While personal aesthetics play a significant role in how speakers are integrated, purpose and personal preference also come into play. For whole home audio, in-wall or in-ceiling speakers can be integrated into the architecture so they’re barely visible. In-wall speakers also offer state-of-the-art acoustic technology that allows you to enjoy superior sound while room design takes center stage. If a dedicated home theater is on your wish list, you’ll want the full cinematic experience that comes from an aurally positioned multi-speaker setup to create a true surround sound experience.

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