Breathtaking Lighting Reveals Your Home’s Finest Features

A well-lit living room and kitchen area.

Transform Your Luxury Home for Every Occasion with the Power of Lutron Lighting

Lighting has always played an integral role in luxury home design - from elegant lighting fixtures to a seamless combination of functionality and style that can transform a room into a work of art. Like a beautiful painting, it brings the viewer to an emotional - even transcendent - state of mind that would not be achieved without it. 

Now, Lutron lighting has given us the ability to set the mood and ambiance in every room. With a palette of settings and colors to define a space, Lutron lighting affects everything it falls upon, creating the desired atmosphere in a way that no other element can. As Oscar de la Renta said, “The most important thing? Perfect lighting at all times.” 

Are you intrigued by the possibilities in today’s home lighting? Explore how we set the stage for every occasion and mood in your Denver, CO home. 

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Elevate the Look of Your Home with Lutron Lighting Control

Elegant living room with fine art and rich wood accents illuminated by Lutron lighting controls.

Experience Illumination that Adds Brilliance & Vitality to Your Living Spaces

Lighting provides more than a way to guide you in the dark; it has a transformative power to elevate how you experience your Cherry Hills, CO home. The type of lighting control and fixtures you have installed influences your focus and energy levels and helps you to see more clearly. 

Lutron, the premier manufacturer of luxury lifestyle products, is inspired by how the illumination that surrounds us alters the ambiance, creates mood, and sets the stage for your daily activities. At Aurum, we believe that the combination of elegant interfaces and stunning radiance are essential elements to living the good life. 

Are you curious about how you can add brilliance and vitality to your home? Continue reading below to find out more. 

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Make Your Home More Illuminating With a Lighting Control System

Light gleaming into a white kitchen with a wooden table in the middle.

Discover How You Can Add Vibrancy and Vitality to Your Living Spaces 


The design of your home, from the architectural lines to the decor, are expressions of your deepest desires and closely-held sense of self. While you may trust a professional to bring the elements of painting, furniture, and knick-knacks, they must resonate with who you are and how you want to feel. 

A lighting control system plays an intimate part in bringing a room, and its occupants, to an elevated state of consciousness and wellbeing. Ingo Maurer, the remarkable and renowned designer of avant-garde light fixtures, describes the concept concisely, stating: "Light can be sensual; it can be comforting; it can even be dangerous. It goes beyond science or nature, or even art - it is as potent as life itself."

Are you looking to add illumination that enhances the way you live in your Vail, CO home? Keep reading below to discover the benefits of Lutron’s lighting products. 

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Natural light is the most vital element on earth. The regular rise and setting of the sun have dictated our human activities for centuries until the advent of artificial lights. Our biological development and cultural expressions continue to be influenced by the rhythms and cycles of our days. 

Home illumination often focuses on the practical aspects, such as providing light to guide your way in the dark. However, Lutron lighting takes a more holistic approach by bringing your rooms to life, adding vibrancy and vigor to everything you do. 

Are you curious about how a circadian-based lighting system complements your Boulder, CO, lifestyle? Keep reading below to learn more. 

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Lutron lighting has the power to transform your Denver, CO home by improving its appearance and creating the optimal environment for your lifestyle. The fixtures and controls set the mood, generate the perfect ambiance, and bring balance to your wake-sleep cycles.

Smart control allows you to blend the practical with the fantastical, furnishing a more personalized experience. When lighting is professionally designed and installed, the look and feel of your home automatically transition with your lifestyle needs and the natural light around you.

Are you curious about how Lutron can give you a brighter outlook on the day? Then continue reading below to find out more.


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