Elevate the Look of Your Home with Lutron Lighting Control

Elegant living room with fine art and rich wood accents illuminated by Lutron lighting controls.

Experience Illumination that Adds Brilliance & Vitality to Your Living Spaces

Lighting provides more than a way to guide you in the dark; it has a transformative power to elevate how you experience your Cherry Hills, CO home. The type of lighting control and fixtures you have installed influences your focus and energy levels and helps you to see more clearly. 

Lutron, the premier manufacturer of luxury lifestyle products, is inspired by how the illumination that surrounds us alters the ambiance, creates mood, and sets the stage for your daily activities. At Aurum, we believe that the combination of elegant interfaces and stunning radiance are essential elements to living the good life. 

Are you curious about how you can add brilliance and vitality to your home? Continue reading below to find out more. 

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Designed to Inspire

In addition to furnishing ambient illumination or targeted task lighting, Lutron systems allow you to craft a personalized look and feel for a room. Designers combine various effects, coloration, and placement to expand your sense of space, instill a soothing calm, or make you feel instantly comfortable and welcome

The hue of light produced by a lamp, called its color temperature, changes how you see and even think. Like those from fluorescents, colder colors cast a harsh and uninviting light. Lutron products produce a consistent and even coverage with just the right mix of white light and warm overtones.

Dimming is a true test of an LED system control; lesser quality units tend to flicker annoyingly near the lower end. Lutron's technology eliminates these distractions, smoothly transitioning from 100% to a stunningly low .1%. Set just the right mood or create flawless effects at the start of a movie or as you leave a room. 

Elegant Controls

The interfaces you use should be as sophisticated as the illumination they create. Standard installations rely on rows of unsightly switches and dimmers that distract from a room's aesthetics and can be confusing.  

The HomeWorks line dispenses with the dreaded “wall acne,” replacing them with sleek keypads and wall plates that add features and flexibility while taking up less space. Interior designers can match your unique aesthetic by choosing from handcrafted natural materials and luxury finishes. In addition, you can access control from the bedroom or while on vacation through smart device apps. 

Whether adding a new lighting dimension to a renovation or a new build, Lutron offers solutions that fit your needs. For example, where open walls allow for the running of cables, a centralized system provides robust and reliable command. Wireless interfaces allow simple installation without compromising performance in cases where you do not or cannot disturb walls, architectural lines, or historic wallpaper. 

Better Light, A Better You

Are you ready to embrace better lighting in your life? Start by connecting with us at 303-558-9050 or fill out our contact form. We look forward to working with you!


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