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Bring Beauty and Well-Being into Your Home with Daylight


Effortlessly Manage Sunlight and Privacy with Motorized Shades

Those who live in Vail, CO, experience some of the best views the world offers. Light filters through the windows for almost 250 days of the year bringing with it increasing feel-good serotonin levels, stimulating the production of vitamin D, and aligning visual and circadian systems that evolved with the dynamic shifts of daylight. 

Today, sunlight plays a critical role for designers, an element like no other. Like lighting design on a set, it affects one's perception and influences moods, changing the emotional quality of a room. In fact, one of the best ways to assess good architecture is by evaluating how natural light is managed throughout the space. As Louis Kahn, the highly influential modernist architecture, said, "We are born of light. The seasons are felt throughout light. We only know the world as it is evoked by light.”

Are you ready to experience effortless management of sunlight? Read on to discover how motorized shades bring beauty, vitality, warmth, and daylight into your home.

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Experience the Luxury of Smart Window Coverings

A woman sitting on a couch with a tablet in her hands. Window shades are partially drawn over floor-to-ceiling windows.

Motorized Shades Provide Beauty, Elegance, and Effortless Control

Natural light is known to elevate our moods, increase productivity, and enhance our well-being. So important is it to our health and your home’s beauty that world-class designers determine the quality of architecture by how natural light illuminates the space. With the proper lighting and window treatments, a home becomes a sanctuary, illuminated from within and brought to life with the sun's filtered rays. 

Motorized shades can create this warmth and intrigue and make managing daylight effortless. They also offer exquisite window coverings with designer fabrics from around the world in sheer, woven, and luxurious tactile materials. When integrated with a home automation platform, these shades create the perfect level of daylight and privacy without effort, providing extreme convenience and comfort. 

Are you intrigued by the possibilities and benefits smart window coverings provide? Explore how we create the perfect environment that’s both beautiful and functional in your Boulder, CO, home.

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How to Create a Sanctuary with Lighting Automation

A peaceful bathroom with a softly illuminated tub and bamboo growing beside it.

Enhance Every Occasion and Mood with Inspired Lighting

Light has long been used as a way to illuminate a path in the dark. Our ancestors created wooden torches with dried juniper wood, ivy, and pine resin and used this light to tell their stories, creating humanity's first art galleries and star maps in the deep recesses of ancient caves. 

Ancient Greeks used natural light and nature in their healing temples, recognizing renewed vigor and recuperation for those recovering from illnesses. While our lives have significantly changed, the power of light remains. 

Let’s explore how we can bring this restorative power into our homes in Denver, CO, creating a sanctuary of beauty, elegance, and transformational awareness. Lighting automation will lead the way.

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Create Spaces of Impeccable Beauty with Lighting

A living room with a lit fireplace and picture windows overlooking mountains.

Elevate Your Luxury Home with Enhanced Lighting Control

Lighting, in many ways, defines a home. It sets the mood from intimate and mysterious to welcoming and open. Good lighting makes it easy to perform your everyday tasks. However, great lighting changes and transforms a space. As Victor Hugo, the French romantic writer, said, "To see beauty is to see light."

At Aurum, we create spaces of impeccable beauty by balancing natural and electric light, blending the two to create the perfect atmosphere and environment at home. And we make this illumination effortless to manage with the latest lighting control systems. 

A home’s beauty is defined by light and shadow, adding enhanced dimensions, highlighting your room’s best features, and transforming the ordinary into the extraordinary. Are you ready for lighting control to elevate your home in Denver, CO? Continue reading below to learn more. 

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Set the Mood for Every Occasion with Home Automation

A woman sitting on a couch with a tablet in her hand. The shades are partially drawn over floor-to-ceiling windows.

Live a Life of Luxury in a Smart Home

What constitutes a life of luxury is very different from one person to the next. According to Oscar de la Renta, the famed fashion designer, “Luxury to me is not about buying expensive things, it’s about living in a way where you appreciate things.” 

A luxurious lifestyle involves living a life of ease and comfort. That could mean driving the cars you love, exploring various parts of the world uninhibited, and doing the things that bring you joy, whether it’s an intimate dinner at a Michelin-star restaurant or spending time with friends and family at a mountain resort. 

But luxurious living also pertains to the day-to-day activities in your Boulder, CO, home. It’s the convenience, comfort, quality, and experiences of those days that create a luxurious lifestyle. Here’s where home automation comes in. Keep reading to see why a smart home is considered the epitome of luxury. 

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Be Immersed in Sound and Vision with a Custom Home Theater

Stylized image of a person sitting on a park bench with frames of a film leader countdown spread in front of them.

Discover How Working with the Region’s Premier Integrator Transports and Transforms You

Storytelling in an innately human experience. From Homer's The Odyssey to the latest chapter of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, we use these tales to entertain and even decode the world around us. Every culture has a legacy of creating engaging narratives that connect the past with the present and the future to come, engaging the imagination and enriching the soul. 

Movies have been called the perfect art form, connecting us to the mystical with every element the great master of the past strove to communicate with sculpture, painting, and music. The need to express love, pay homage, or communicate an idea drives actors and filmmakers. A home theater is a temple to this concept, providing you with the perfect blend of technology and atmosphere. 

Are you ready to enjoy true movie-watching perfection in your Boulder, CO, home? Then keep reading below to learn more. 

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Bring Your Home to Life with Lighting Automation

Elegant Kitchen with sophisticated lighting automation and daylight streaming in.

Sophisticated Illumination Improves Personal Well-Being and Transforms Your Perceptions  

The nature of light in your home influences more than the look of your living spaces; it remarkably affects your perceptions of happiness, comfort, and sense of well-being. Traditionally, fixtures have been used to guide your way in the dark or provide illumination for a task. 

Beyond a simple on or off, lighting automation has the power to create ambiance, create vibrant spaces, and change your mood, all with the swipe of an app or keypad. Our professional integration team furnishes you with the tools to personalize your home's appearance, allowing you to enjoy authentic luxury living.  

Are you looking for a better way to brighten your Boulder, CO home? Then continue reading below. 

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Reach New Heights with High-End Audio

Luxury living room with modernist couches, minimalist fireplace, and Steinway Lyndorf speakers delivering high-end audio.

Improve Your Appreciation of Music with Professionally Installed Components from Steinway Lyndorf

What happens when you take the time to listen - truly listen? That moment when the noise in your head becomes still, and the music washes over you in waves, is an incredible experience. This sensation is actually rooted in the response inside the amygdala region of the brain. It drives the passionate writings of music critics like Ted Gioia, Bernard Jacobson, and the irrepressible Lester Bangs. 

While we can debate the relative quality of one form of music over another, it is undeniable that we are drawn to songs from an innate part of ourselves. Whatever music genre you enjoy, a high-end audio system unveils new dimensions to your ears. 

Do you want to hear more of the music you love in your home in Denver, CO? Then continue reading below to discover more. 

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Enrich Luxury Living with Elegant Lighting Control

Sophisticated and elegant living room with modern rustic elements that almost shimmer with the light.

How Lighting Control Brings Out Your Home’s Best Features and Adds Vibrancy to Your Rooms

When you first walk into a luxury home, many things catch your eye and excite the senses. Whether it is the deep wood grain floors, evocative decor, or the draw of stainless steel and marble countertops in the kitchen, all of it shimmers with a lifeforce because of lighting. 

At Aurum, we view lighting as more than having the best fixtures to complement the decor. We see it as the defining element of your living spaces. More than a way to guide your path in the dark, lighting control elevates the tenor of a room and helps you enjoy a new level of convenience and luxury. 

Do you desire a more sophisticated way to illuminate your Boulder, CO home? Explore how we are your best choice by reading more below. 

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Why Aurum Is Your Premier Home Theater Installer

Stunning home theater with evocative lighting, custom seating, and sophisticated decor.

Explore How Our Dedicated Team Creates Inspiring Spaces That Entertain and Fulfill

The status of luxury living is not achieved through passivity. You work hard to build and grow your career, and your home should reflect that commitment and dedication. At Aurum, we strive to inspire and motivate you with living spaces that elevate your lifestyle and proactively meet your needs. 

When it comes to entertainment, we deliver a superior experience, combining thoughtful design and cutting-edge technologies for your home theater. If you are looking for a company in Denver, CO that understands your desire for a space that excites your senses and is built around your aesthetics, your search is satisfied here. 

Does the prospect of working with a team that fulfills your home entertainment desires intrigue you? Continue reading below to find out more. 

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Classic 70mm projection film laid out on the white table with images illuminated from behind.


What do we mean when invoking the term “cinematic experience,” and why does it fill us with excitement that few other artistic mediums can match? The technology of a superior home theater, like stunning 4K ultra-high-definition video and multidimensional audio, is essential. Yet, if installed without a passion for the medium, it can fall flat. 

At Aurum, we build home theaters that exceed your grandest expectations, exciting the senses as the lights dim and the starlight ceiling shimmers above. Do you desire a space that fulfills your appreciation of the world's greatest art form in your Denver, CO, home? Continue reading below to learn more. 

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Elevate the Look of Your Home with Lutron Lighting Control

Elegant living room with fine art and rich wood accents illuminated by Lutron lighting controls.

Experience Illumination that Adds Brilliance & Vitality to Your Living Spaces

Lighting provides more than a way to guide you in the dark; it has a transformative power to elevate how you experience your Cherry Hills, CO home. The type of lighting control and fixtures you have installed influences your focus and energy levels and helps you to see more clearly. 

Lutron, the premier manufacturer of luxury lifestyle products, is inspired by how the illumination that surrounds us alters the ambiance, creates mood, and sets the stage for your daily activities. At Aurum, we believe that the combination of elegant interfaces and stunning radiance are essential elements to living the good life. 

Are you curious about how you can add brilliance and vitality to your home? Continue reading below to find out more. 

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Home Theater with brown leather recliners looking at a screen with Steinway Lyngdorf speakers at the front.


The transformative power of movies is unique among all other art forms; the medium evokes emotional responses, calls to action, and deeper understanding. The vocabulary of film, its universality in expressing the human condition, creates a shared conversation that can be comprehended even when you don’t speak the language. 

From the earliest ages, we become engaged with the storylines that engross us. It draws us in and holds our rapt attention like nothing else. Of course, the delights of the silver screen entail more than a good storyline and well-shot image; the audio has a significance that equals the visual. 

If you are seeking genuinely stunning sound at your Denver, CO home, continue reading below to see how you can experience it with premium home theater systems.

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Make Your Home More Illuminating With a Lighting Control System

Light gleaming into a white kitchen with a wooden table in the middle.

Discover How You Can Add Vibrancy and Vitality to Your Living Spaces 


The design of your home, from the architectural lines to the decor, are expressions of your deepest desires and closely-held sense of self. While you may trust a professional to bring the elements of painting, furniture, and knick-knacks, they must resonate with who you are and how you want to feel. 

A lighting control system plays an intimate part in bringing a room, and its occupants, to an elevated state of consciousness and wellbeing. Ingo Maurer, the remarkable and renowned designer of avant-garde light fixtures, describes the concept concisely, stating: "Light can be sensual; it can be comforting; it can even be dangerous. It goes beyond science or nature, or even art - it is as potent as life itself."

Are you looking to add illumination that enhances the way you live in your Vail, CO home? Keep reading below to discover the benefits of Lutron’s lighting products. 

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Hands touching a tablet computer as a white graphic sphere of computer topology and interconnected nodes hover above the screen.


Love it or not, modern life is fully integrated with technology. From online gaming and streaming of entertainment and news, the world enters your home in an endless chain of ones and zeroes. In order to feel confident, you need a quality partner that understands the technology and how it enhances how you live, work, and play.

Anything less than a professional implementation can cause you trouble down the line and cost more to fix afterward. The home networking experts at Aurum go beyond simple connections but also offer complete network design and installation that cover your needs today and into the future.

To learn how we improve the connectivity of your home network in Boulder, CO, and help you be more productive, continue reading below.

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Classic home movie theater with antique movie posters, a bar for eating and driking, and luxury leather seats.


Movies are more than simple entertainment. Now, the medium has morphed into the world's most relevant art form. Film has an inherently universal vocabulary – this lingua franca (common language) transcends continents and culture, translating the human experience. Regardless of where they are made, the storylines move us in ways other mediums cannot, cheering one moment and crying the next.

Motion pictures are created to be seen on a large scale, expressing majesty, tragedy, and a sense of being transported into another world. While a well-made movie can sway you in any format, a professionally designed home theater installation innately enhances each moment.

The experts at Aurum bring the cinema experience into your home, creating a space that exceeds your expectations. Continue reading to discover how we can build one for your Denver, CO, home.


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Ensure a Reliable, Fast Home Network for Your Smart Home


Today’s Smart Homes Demand a Robust Home Network

Your home network is the hub for all your smart home devices. It allows you to control the temperature, lighting, climate, entertainment, security, and more with one mobile device – tablet, wall touchpad, remote, or smartphone. To ensure that all of these systems are functioning at their peak requires a reliable home network.

A robust home network installation connects all of your smart devices to the internet and to each other. It allows the communication required for full functionality. Do you want your shades to lower at the end of the day, your lights to adjust, and the doors to lock in your Denver, CO home? To achieve all of this and more requires a solid network.

As home automation and home networking experts, we've witnessed the changing landscape of home networks. What once worked reasonably well is no longer sufficient as more advanced smart home devices take center stage. Instead, you need a reliable and secure network that ensures corner-to-corner coverage, no dropped connections during video conferencing or Wi-Fi calling, and an enjoyable evening when tuning in to streaming services and watching your 4K HDR TV.

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Natural light is the most vital element on earth. The regular rise and setting of the sun have dictated our human activities for centuries until the advent of artificial lights. Our biological development and cultural expressions continue to be influenced by the rhythms and cycles of our days. 

Home illumination often focuses on the practical aspects, such as providing light to guide your way in the dark. However, Lutron lighting takes a more holistic approach by bringing your rooms to life, adding vibrancy and vigor to everything you do. 

Are you curious about how a circadian-based lighting system complements your Boulder, CO, lifestyle? Keep reading below to learn more. 

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The Denver, CO, luxury housing market continues to grow and outperform the broader market. Recently released surveys show that demand climbed by 10%-15% in 2021 and forecast a similar increase for 2022.

As Colorado's premier technology design consultant, we work with you to offer smart home technology that draws in more clients and exceeds their expectations. Together we furnish the ultimate control, security, entertainment, and climate control to impress your customers. 

Are you looking for a qualified partner to satisfy your homebuyer's desires – someone who has a keen eye for process and customization? Then continue reading below to learn more.


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home theater system creates the perfect environment for watching movies. The room enhances the moment from the brooding classic film noir to the bright, action-packed Marvel Cinematic Universe. 

While having flawless image matters, it is the audio that generates the most impact. As the storyline concludes, sound influences your emotional response, sense of anticipation, and joyous release. The stunning frequency response and immersive sound fields also elevate watching live events like PBS specials, concerts, and the world's most-watched sporting event, the Super Bowl. 

Are you ready to experience the sound of your shows like never before? Then keep reading below to find out more. 

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