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A Smart Lighting Control System Adds Brilliance and Beauty to Your Home

A modern luxury kitchen with sophisticated lighting control adding atmosphere and mood to the occasion.

How to Create the Perfect Ambiance in Every Room  

Light is the most powerful of mediums. The sunlight reveals the beauty of the world around us, filling us with awe and inspiration. Electric light helps us enjoy memorable moments with family and friends at home, in restaurants, or at special events in the evening. Artificial lighting even allows us to experience many types of entertainment - movies, TV shows, theater, and live games! 

With lighting control in your home, you can create a scene for every part of your day, indoors and out. Personalize the den for a fun family night or instill a sense of calm in the spa as you work out the stresses of the day. The control of a nearly limitless palette of colors and brightness levels gives you the power to suit the light to the moment. 

Do the possibilities in your Boulder, CO, home intrigue you? Continue reading below to find out more.   

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Choose Your Spectrum 

Light shapes both the physical and the physiological. Along with audio, it is the first element we notice about our surroundings. Studies indicate that introducing the right hues and shades promotes calm or keeps your energy and inspiration going. At Aurum, we trust Lutron's intuitive systems, allowing you to define the perfect light for any mood, time, or occasion. 

For instance, tunable lamps give you the ability to recreate the hue and brightness of light sources from daylight to candles and everything in-between. Create a sense of balance, accenting the architecture lines with consistent white illumination and uniform coverage. Add a romantic glow - amber, purple, or red - to create the perfect mood for the occasion. 

Manage Daylight, Save Energy

Bringing natural light into your home has many benefits. Research shows that some daily exposure to the sun increases happiness, helps bolster your immune system, and is best for seeing the tasks at hand. Unfortunately, like all things, too much natural light can be problematic. 

Integrating motorized shades gives you the power to control the quantity and quality of the light entering your home. Whether you allow the sensors to act autonomously or with the swipe of a touchscreen, your rooms are cooler and more comfortable. Your HVAC system is less stressed by the swings in temperature, and you save on energy costs. 

Light Up Your Life

At Aurum, we are passionate about providing you with a home that meets your luxury expectations and fulfills your every need. Are you ready to light up your home and your lifestyle? Contact us at 303-558-9050 or fill out our contact form to start the conversation. We look forward to working with you!

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