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Wisdom Audio: The Heart of Uncompromised Home Sound


Experience a High-Fidelity Sound System Fully Heard but Unseen

Today’s home sound systems can take many shapes and forms. From popular all-in-one connected speakers to large floor-standing loudspeakers with equally large amplifiers, there are many ways to experience different levels of audio performance. When it comes to audiophile-level sound, many might think you need large speakers and bulky subwoofers to achieve that performance echelon, but that doesn't have to be the case. A case in point is Wisdom Audio’s Sage Series L75i, a loudspeaker that files neatly into walls but delivers aural performances equal to their freestanding counterparts. Let’s explore the Sage Series L75i in more detail to see how they can outfit your Vail, CO media, or listening room. 

Enhancing Wellness with Crestron Home Automation


Discover the Role of Smart Technology in Health and Well-being

In the picturesque mountain setting of Vail, wellness may seem to come easily—just step outside. But despite the splendor of the Colorado mountains and the endless outdoor recreation, the reality is that humans spend as much as 90% of their time indoors. As a result, the environment inside a home has a huge impact on overall health and wellness. As a leading home automation company, Aurum Home Technology believes in the power of smart technology to improve lifestyles, and that extends beyond luxury and convenience to health and wellness. That’s why we leverage Cresron’s advanced solutions to create home environments that promote overall wellness through smart technology. Let’s explore how below. 

Experience a Luxury Home Theater Design

A view of Aurum’s showroom home cinema featuring Steinway audio and custom lighting.

Step into Our Showroom for an Elevated Cinema Experience

Luxury home theaters are big, complex projects. In many cases, we get involved in them before the home’s foundation is poured. Why? Because a home theater has specific requirements for space, ceiling heights, room shape, acoustic treatment, and much more. As such, it may be difficult for a homeowner to visualize what it will look like and how it feels. While we do very detailed home theater design and planning that includes elevations, how does someone experience the feel of a luxury cinema? That's why we built one from the ground up in our Denver showroom. If you are building your dream home in Steamboat Springs, you can experience the visuals, sound, and ambiance of a true home cinema right in our showroom. Explore the details of how this luxurious entertainment oasis was put together.

Incorporate the Latest Lighting Design in Your New Home


Heighten Your Spaces with Architectural and Tunable Lighting

In the luxurious abodes of Steamboat Springs, lighting is an art form, the soul of every home. It has the power to set the mood, enhance your décor, and create a truly immersive experience. With modern lighting systems, you have the opportunity to craft an environment that reflects your refined taste and sophistication. Our lighting experts have carefully curated a collection of lighting fixtures and systems designed specifically for luxury homeowners who demand the best. With our lighting designs, you can showcase your passion for fine living. Below are some of the best lighting solutions for your Colorado home. 

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