Backyard Entertainment for Staying Home This Summer


Social distancing got you down? These outdoor entertainment solutions will turn your home into a destination

It's summer, and you're most likely ready to experience the sunshine. But this year, social distancing might keep you from getting out of the house. If you're staying home for the season, why not explore your backyard? Smart outdoor AV solutions from Séura and Sonance let you enjoy your outdoor spaces in a whole new way. There are lots of significant outdoor entertainment upgrades to enjoy in your Boulder, CO property, and you can get the most out of them with the right systems. Want to learn more? Keep reading.

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Perched on the skirts of the Lower Highlands and peering into the bustling city, The Bindery is reminding Denver locals that in fast-moving times, convenience should not exclude attention to detail, nor pride in food. The chef-owned small business moves to strike a balance in modern lives by providing artisanal foods, handcrafted and nurtured with great care, and a dining experience grounded in tradition that is both playfully inventive and decisively chic.

The exhibition kitchen, bar and separate bakery and market area run parallel to the dining room, which extends along most of the length of 4,000 square foot space. With seating for over 100, guests can choose from sitting at the bar, regular tables, highboys in the windows, or for the best seats in the house, the four-top chef’s table set amongst the cooks’ stations.

The Challenge:

With high open ceilings, combined with hard lid ceilings above the bar, the challenge was to provide excellent coverage and consistent tonality throughout the entire space, without compromising the modern and exceptionally clean design cues.

“The client was very particular with the look of the spaces. She tasked us with finding great sounding speakers that would fill the space with sound, but not take anything away from the aesthetics. Aurum recommended Sonance Pendant and In-Ceiling Speakers, and she was open to the idea. Once we installed them and turned them up she was thrilled with the sound quality and how they seamlessly blended with her ceiling detail.”

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An Aurum Integrated Home™ is custom built around your lifestyle – going beyond what you need to incorporate every detail your heart desires. Collaboration is intrinsic to bringing your modern dream home to life, whether you’re building brand new from the ground up, retrofitting the family room with new tech, or upgrading existing technology during a whole-home renovation. The Aurum difference is our collaborative process, as we partner with your select team of architects, builders, interior designers and landscapers to create an integrated home that exceeds your wildest dreams.

The key to this success is making sure collaboration begins in the early planning stages. Right from the start, Aurum technology experts work closely with you and your design team to make sure technology never upstages design, but instead works to enhance every aspect of the mood, function, comfort and convenience of your home.

We’re collaborators

Listening to our clients is at the core of what we do. You know what you want in your home, but you may not know how to achieve it. That’s where we come in. We’ll find out what technology you want, educate you on your options and make recommendations to achieve your home automation goals. Then we work in close collaboration with both your vision and your talented team of tradespeople to bring spaces to life.

Every Aurum client is assigned a project manager who stays with you through the life of your project and beyond. Beginning in the development phase, we coordinate with the builder and work closely with your architect to integrate technology seamlessly into the plans. As the project begins to take shape, things may change from the initial prints to better customize to the space or based on feedback from the client. Need an extra keypad or to change speaker placement for better acoustics? No problem – that’s exactly what your project manager is there for. Whenever any changes or enhancements are made to the plans, your project manager gives live updates to the Aurum design team, who then redlines the prints so they are updated and ready to go. We coordinate every step of the process, so when the electrician or technology team walks in, everything is in order and we can get right to work.

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Music lovers and audiophiles alike often daydream about the ultimate sound system. There are many ways to experience audio around today’s modern home – and while you could just plug in some speakers and pump up the volume, a professionally designed and installed speaker system carefully integrated into your overall design can maximize the sound performance in every listening area of the home.

Great speakers do more than just sound good

They bring your music-listening experience to a new level. An incredible audio experience puts speakers behind the scenes or integrated into the design of the room, with high-performance audio always at the center of the action.

When choosing speakers, consider where and how you’ll be using them. Whether it’s a media room, home theater or playing background music throughout the home, each space will be a dedicated listening zone with speakers chosen to serve the space, enhance the listening experience and blend with overall design.

While personal aesthetics play a significant role in how speakers are integrated, purpose and personal preference also come into play. For whole home audio, in-wall or in-ceiling speakers can be integrated into the architecture so they’re barely visible. In-wall speakers also offer state-of-the-art acoustic technology that allows you to enjoy superior sound while room design takes center stage. If a dedicated home theater is on your wish list, you’ll want the full cinematic experience that comes from an aurally positioned multi-speaker setup to create a true surround sound experience.

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