Considering Every Element in Luxury Home Theaters

A home theater with a large movie screen, Sony projector, and plush green reclining chairs.

Create Unrivaled Realism with Denver’s Premier Home Theater Company

A home theater is more than the best audio and video technology available. While the images and sound play a significant role in creating the immersive cinematic experience, a designated home theater should impart a sense of wonder and anticipation as soon as you open the doors. 

The choice of acoustic paneling, lighting, seating, and controls creates the overall impression, striking the perfect balance between sophistication and functionality. The design is immediately evident, from Tuscan-inspired elements with exposed beams over fiber optic constellation ceilings to regal, ornate, handmade wrought iron entryways.

At Aurum, a premier home theater company, we consider every element in the creation of luxury home theaters for our discerning clients in Denver, CO. Are you intrigued by the possibilities? Discover more by reading below.

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Bring High-Fidelity Music to Your Outdoor Spaces

An outdoor speaker next to rocks in a backyard with a small waterfall.

Experience the Immersive Element in Outdoor Audio

Do you feel it coming? While winter may still have us in its grasp, spring is right around the corner. Soon, the trembling aspen flowers and the columbines’ first blooms appear, and we'll be gearing up for another magnificent outdoor entertainment season in Denver, CO. 

Are you ready?

For those who spend time dining alfresco or having friends and family over to lounge by the pool, music plays an integral part in the activities and setting the mood. It excites and inspires, relaxes and soothes, and creates a space for celebration and laughter. As Plato said, “Music and rhythm find their way into the secret places of the soul.”

At Aurum, we believe music should be more than faintly-heard background noise, even in the great outdoors. There’s nothing quite like hearing high-fidelity audio as the artist intended, and when you experience it outside, it can leave you breathless. Thanks to today's technology, outdoor audio can reflect the same immersive experience as its indoor counterpart.

Are you intrigued by the possibilities? Then read below to discover the awe-inspiring audio that can transform your outdoor areas.

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Enjoy Your Smart Home to the Fullest with the Newest Home Wi-Fi

A woman sitting at a desk and working on a computer.

Ensure Corner-to-Corner Connectivity All Day, Every Day

Smart homes offer an incredibly luxurious lifestyle. Thanks to today’s technology, you can enjoy high-resolution audio and 4K ultra high-definition video throughout your home and expansive outdoor areas, as well as stream lossless music with the touch of a button. In an instant, your 4K video surveillance feed pops up on the TV so you can see who’s at the door. 

Your smart home is an ecosystem of connected devices that communicate with your home automation platform and with each other. This communication allows the shades to rise with the first light, your lights to dim in response to natural sunlight, and your climate to adjust. 

And as the number of connected devices grows, so does the need for a robust home Wi-Fi that can keep your smart home in Denver, CO, running smoothly and reliably. At Aurum, our team is made up of home automation experts that turn large estates into smart homes. We know the enterprise-grade network these homes require to ensure corner-to-corner coverage all day, every day. 

Our home network solutions are designed to keep your home connected now and long into the future as your technology expands and your needs change. Let’s explore the signs that suggest it’s time for an upgrade.

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Transform Your Home with the Power of Light

A living room with sunlight streaming in the windows and varying light fixtures illuminated.

Manage Your Home’s Lighting with One Touch

Lighting is no longer simply a way to illuminate a dark room when the sun goes down. Today, it’s used to create dazzling works of art, with cities embracing those who inspire us with light. From the Winter Lights of Golden Gate Park in San Francisco to the light sculptures in Denver, CO, lights tell a story, expand our minds, and transform our moods. 

At Aurum, we believe that the perfect home environment encompasses a seamless interplay of daylight, dynamic illumination, and powerful controls. Our lighting control systems create breathtaking environments delivered with one touch and transformed for every mood and event. 

Are you ready to experience the latest advancements in how we illuminate our homes? Continue reading below to learn more.

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