How Lighting Control Can Improve Mood and Energy

A woman practices yoga in a warmly lit room managed by lighting control in Vail.

Better Lighting for a Better You

In the picturesque setting of Vail, Colorado, there is no lack of natural light most days of the year. This sun-soaked mountain town offers not only stunning views but also a unique opportunity to appreciate the profound impact lighting has on our daily lives. However, as we move indoors, it's not just about allowing in the daylight; the type, intensity, and color of artificial light can significantly influence our mood and energy levels too. With smart lighting control, we can replicate some of the benefits of our natural surroundings within our homes, creating an environment that more closely hews to our natural rhythms. 

Stay with us below as we explore the science behind the effects of light and how lighting control can contribute to our well-being. 

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Create Spaces of Impeccable Beauty with Lighting

A living room with a lit fireplace and picture windows overlooking mountains.

Elevate Your Luxury Home with Enhanced Lighting Control

Lighting, in many ways, defines a home. It sets the mood from intimate and mysterious to welcoming and open. Good lighting makes it easy to perform your everyday tasks. However, great lighting changes and transforms a space. As Victor Hugo, the French romantic writer, said, "To see beauty is to see light."

At Aurum, we create spaces of impeccable beauty by balancing natural and electric light, blending the two to create the perfect atmosphere and environment at home. And we make this illumination effortless to manage with the latest lighting control systems. 

A home’s beauty is defined by light and shadow, adding enhanced dimensions, highlighting your room’s best features, and transforming the ordinary into the extraordinary. Are you ready for lighting control to elevate your home in Denver, CO? Continue reading below to learn more. 

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A Smart Lighting Control System Adds Brilliance and Beauty to Your Home

A modern luxury kitchen with sophisticated lighting control adding atmosphere and mood to the occasion.

How to Create the Perfect Ambiance in Every Room  

Light is the most powerful of mediums. The sunlight reveals the beauty of the world around us, filling us with awe and inspiration. Electric light helps us enjoy memorable moments with family and friends at home, in restaurants, or at special events in the evening. Artificial lighting even allows us to experience many types of entertainment - movies, TV shows, theater, and live games! 

With lighting control in your home, you can create a scene for every part of your day, indoors and out. Personalize the den for a fun family night or instill a sense of calm in the spa as you work out the stresses of the day. The control of a nearly limitless palette of colors and brightness levels gives you the power to suit the light to the moment. 

Do the possibilities in your Boulder, CO, home intrigue you? Continue reading below to find out more.   

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Enrich Luxury Living with Elegant Lighting Control

Sophisticated and elegant living room with modern rustic elements that almost shimmer with the light.

How Lighting Control Brings Out Your Home’s Best Features and Adds Vibrancy to Your Rooms

When you first walk into a luxury home, many things catch your eye and excite the senses. Whether it is the deep wood grain floors, evocative decor, or the draw of stainless steel and marble countertops in the kitchen, all of it shimmers with a lifeforce because of lighting. 

At Aurum, we view lighting as more than having the best fixtures to complement the decor. We see it as the defining element of your living spaces. More than a way to guide your path in the dark, lighting control elevates the tenor of a room and helps you enjoy a new level of convenience and luxury. 

Do you desire a more sophisticated way to illuminate your Boulder, CO home? Explore how we are your best choice by reading more below. 

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Elevate the Look of Your Home with Lutron Lighting Control

Elegant living room with fine art and rich wood accents illuminated by Lutron lighting controls.

Experience Illumination that Adds Brilliance & Vitality to Your Living Spaces

Lighting provides more than a way to guide you in the dark; it has a transformative power to elevate how you experience your Cherry Hills, CO home. The type of lighting control and fixtures you have installed influences your focus and energy levels and helps you to see more clearly. 

Lutron, the premier manufacturer of luxury lifestyle products, is inspired by how the illumination that surrounds us alters the ambiance, creates mood, and sets the stage for your daily activities. At Aurum, we believe that the combination of elegant interfaces and stunning radiance are essential elements to living the good life. 

Are you curious about how you can add brilliance and vitality to your home? Continue reading below to find out more. 

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Lighting influences your perceptions, sets your comfort level, and can even determine your general wellbeing. We see lighting as a vital part of the smart home experience, with lights and shades working in unison to enhance how you work, play, and relax.

The illumination of your house is often seen in practical terms, where function is simply a means to an end. However, a well-designed lighting control system allows you to match the environment to your lifestyle. For example, create ambiance in the home theater, or enjoy automation and motorized shades as they gently wake you at the start of the day.

Are you intrigued by how personalized lighting control benefits you and your Denver, CO home? Read below to learn more.


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It has been 150 years since the electric light bulb was demonstrated independently by William Sawyer and just a short time later by Thomas Edison. While there is some room for debate about who can genuinely lay claim to inventing it, the introduction of consistent and balanced artificial illumination eroded the boundaries between day and night. The modern world and succeeding technologies we rely on start with the mass adoption of the filament bulb. 

Advanced lighting control offers more than the convenience of lighting your way to the bathroom at 3 am. Smart home integration allows you the luxury of complete control, setting the mood, creating ambiance, enlivening your outdoor spaces, and keeping you secure.

Are you curious about the possibilities with your Denver, CO home? Continue reading below to discover more. 

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Your home's lighting influences your perceptions, state of mind, and even your general well-being.

The illumination of your home is often viewed in practical terms, where the function is simply a means to an end. However, an advanced and well-designed lighting control system gives you the power to personalize your environment. For example, create some ambiance for dinner, or have the smart home automation wake you with soft light to start the day.

As a provider of automation ecosystems, we see lighting as a vital part of an integrated home. The pieces work in concert, and each component enhancing the lifestyle of your Denver, CO, abode.

Are you intrigued by how personalized lighting benefits you and your home? Learn how by reading more below.

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