Make Your Home More Illuminating With a Lighting Control System

Light gleaming into a white kitchen with a wooden table in the middle.

Discover How You Can Add Vibrancy and Vitality to Your Living Spaces 


The design of your home, from the architectural lines to the decor, are expressions of your deepest desires and closely-held sense of self. While you may trust a professional to bring the elements of painting, furniture, and knick-knacks, they must resonate with who you are and how you want to feel. 

A lighting control system plays an intimate part in bringing a room, and its occupants, to an elevated state of consciousness and wellbeing. Ingo Maurer, the remarkable and renowned designer of avant-garde light fixtures, describes the concept concisely, stating: "Light can be sensual; it can be comforting; it can even be dangerous. It goes beyond science or nature, or even art - it is as potent as life itself."

Are you looking to add illumination that enhances the way you live in your Vail, CO home? Keep reading below to discover the benefits of Lutron’s lighting products. 


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When one listens to an architect speak about their designs, you might expect to hear descriptions of room use or how the cornices and molding frame the visual appeal of an open floor plan. More often, individuals like Renzo Piano or Frank Lloyd Wright use metaphors of light to impart the transformative power of a space. 

We work with Lutron because of this dedication to making a home more than a place to occupy or using interior illumination to do more than guide your way in the dark. Since the company's inception in the 1950s, it has offered innovative products that accentuate how you live. Whether it is the revolutionary fixtures, motorized shades, or elegant interfaces, Lutron allows you to control your home's quantity and quality of light expertly. 



The Sun is the most vital element on earth; it guides our sleep cycles and stimulates the production of vitamins and hormones that heal and influence our moods. Rather than presenting light that is stale and flat, the Ketra system, acquired by Luron in 2018, introduces an infinite spectrum to engage and elevate. Your furnishings appear more defined, your artwork pops, and the air vibrates with a lifeforce. 

Ketra also keeps you healthy and focused by automatically accenting the natural light streaming in, matching the color and brightness, and blurring the line between you and the outdoors. In addition, you can find more profound and restful slumber as the system transitions through the day to balance your circadian rhythms.  



At Aurum, we strive to provide you with the luxury of smart home automation that adds convenience and improves the way you live. Are you looking to become more enlightened?  Call us at 303-558-9050 or fill out our contact form to start the conversation. We look forward to working with you!


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