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As The Seasons Change, Updating Your Illumination Brings Renewal and Restoration Of Your Home and Self.

How your home is lit has an oversized influence on how you start the day and view the world around you. Without proper and inspiring lighting, you have diminished focus, less comfort and poorer health.

An advanced lighting control system transforms the rooms you live in by creating a warmer, more welcoming environment full of ambiance. From brightening up the bedroom, crafting a more creative spirit in a listening room, or adding a bit of pizazz to late-season outdoor entertaining, lighting affects how you see the world.

If you are looking to change from lackluster light and outdated fixtures for your Vail, CO, home, continue reading below. 


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Create The Perfect Look

Modern LED fixtures revolutionize the way you brighten your home. The bulbs offer more than energy savings and lower heat signatures; they are configurable to fit your aesthetic, mood, desire for ambiance, and the needs of everyday tasks. The right light unlocks a new world allowing you to create the perfect look and enhance every hour of the day.

Every bulb generates a specific hue of light, and this color temperature has a real impact on how a space feels. Bluish, or cold colors like that from fluorescents, subdue your energy and make a room feel unwelcome. Warmer and purer white light stimulates the creative centers of your brain and invigorates your body.

Tunable lighting from Ketra gives you access to an unlimited palette of colors, allowing you to produce the right mixture and effect you desire. Write more fluently in the vibrant light of the studio, or bathe in the soothing and soft illumination of the spa.


Feel Better, Live Brighter

The Vail lifestyle gives a good understanding of how being out in natural light makes you happier and healthier. The UV rays of natural sunlight stimulate the production of helpful hormones like serotonin and vitamin D, giving you more joy and focus.

Standard lighting design often sought to replace natural illumination in our home completely. Ketra’s sophisticated system complements and accentuates the sun's rays resulting in less fatigue and a more balanced connection to your circadian rhythms. When integrated with motorized shades, you sleep better, have more energy throughout the day, and feel more connected to nature just outside.


Light is Life

Light continues to shape our human evolution and progress; why let improper or bad illumination stop you from growing. Are you ready to take control of how you see? Now is a perfect time. Call us at 303-558-9050 or fill out our contact form to start the conversation. We look forward to working with you!


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