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Bring the Night to Life With Outdoor Lighting Control


Enhance Your Backyard Entertaining by Adding Atmosphere And Excitement

When we think of backyard barbeques or get-togethers, the first thing that comes to mind is outdoor televisions and distributed audio. Your outdoor entertaining brings the family together, makes watching the big game together more enjoyable, or furnishes you with a way to relax after a hard day.


While these elements are important in providing content, outdoor lighting control brings your property to life after dark. Lighting is the essential element that extends the use of your property and inspires a sense of wonder. Continue reading to learn how to make more of your Denver, CO home’s outdoor spaces.


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The Stage Is Set

Indoor lighting is used to create an atmosphere, set the mood, and help manage the pace of your day. Exterior illumination offers two main functions to safely guide your way in the dark and enhance the atmosphere.


Lighting is the first thing you respond to when entering a space, the brightness, colors, shapes it highlights, and the shadows created to influence your impressions. Landscape lighting is used in much the same way theatrical stages are set. Just as whole-home audio inspires and energizes, lighting fosters a dramatic response. With just a bit of creativity, you can generate a bit of ambiance for that dinner party or manage the mood as the evening progresses.


The Right Atmosphere, Crafted for You

The right lighting can tell a story and craft another world right in your backyard. Highlighting plants with silhouettes creates a soft backdrop while defining boundaries and paths. Spotlight architectural features and masonry or add drama and texture using grazing lights. Add some romantic overtones to the night by simulating how the moon streams through the trees.


Color generates intrigue and fun; different hues alter our moods, build anticipation, and bring excitement to a space. Start the evening with a combination of yellow, green, and red -- colors known to stimulate the brain’s areas associated with pleasure and happiness. As the evening is coming to an end, transition the lights into violet and blues to invoke a sense of calm and tranquility.


Enjoy The Outdoors, Year-Round

Entertaining outside is an essential element to where we live, but it does not mean you need to leave the luxury and convenience of your smart home behind. We provide complete outdoor lifestyle solutions. Whether you are looking for an outdoor theater viewable any time of the day or lighting solutions that comply with local dark night regulations, we are the experts you need.


Are you intrigued by how you can bring the night to life? Call us at 303-558-9050 or fill out our Contact form to start the conversation. We look forward to working with you!

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