Motorized Shades Bring Benefits and Beauty to Your Home


Improve Your Wellbeing, Save Energy, and Enhance Your Home with Smart Window Treatments.

The windows of your home bring beautiful vistas and nature into your rooms, creating a more balanced environment indoors. Even so, completely bare windows can be too much of a good thing – adding too much brightness or heat loss/gain. Motorized shades give you the ability to manage natural light, privacy, comfort, and energy savings.

Most often, shades are used to impart a final fit and finish to a space; without them, a room looks cold, barren, and unwelcoming. While fashion is essential, window treatments are an integral and often underrated component of a smart home system. When combined with sensors and time-of-day sequences, your home regulates itself, keeping you comfortable and content.

Are you looking for shades that add beauty and benefits to your Denver, CO house? Read below to learn more.

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Natural Light’s Benefits

Natural sunlight has properties that enhance the look and feel of your home and your wellbeing. Exposure to the sun triggers the production of serotonin, the hormone connected to pleasure, happiness, and focus. In addition, just a few minutes soaking up UV rays generates vitamin D, helping in the absorption of nutrients and the growth of neural pathways.

Architects and interior designers have long understood the connection between natural light and a happier household. The use of daylighting walls with larger windows, skylights, and open floor plans allows more sun to stream in. When complemented by circadian-based lighting systems, you not only work better but sleep more deeply, ready for the start of each day.


Tame the Sun

While there are clearly many benefits to allowing more natural light into your home, it does have some downsides. All light sources give rise to heat as a byproduct causing your rooms to become overly warm and stuffy, even at the height of winter. The result is an HVAC system that works too hard, costing you money and possibly shortening the equipment lifespan.

The same UV rays that brighten up a room and give you more vim and vigor can also cause fading of your fine furnishings and artwork. In the same way that you apply sunblock to the exposed parts of your body before going out, your shades protect the things you treasure.

Whether initiated by sensors, geo-location time of day, elegant keypads, or the sound of your voice, motorized shades let you manage just the right amount of light. Drapes and curtains are effective, but their motors are often noisy compared to the whisper-quiet models used by better shade companies.


Sophisticated Style

The beauty and sophisticated style of your home matter: All the efficiency and cost savings are a moot point if the shades look out of place. Our vendors furnish a variety of styles, materials, and prints that fit any home decor. Created in close consultation with the leading voices in interior design, architecture, and luxury homeowners, the UV-protected materials never fail to satisfy the eye for years to come.


Bring Beauty and Benefits Today

Shades bring out the best in your home, adding style, comfort, and energy savings. Are you ready to see how motorized shades make more of your home? Call us at 303-558-9050 or fill out our contact form for a no-obligation consultation. We look forward to working with you!

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