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Your smart home offers many benefits that enhance your lifestyle. The technology allows you to watch ultra-high-definition video from anywhere in the world, enjoy audiophile-quality music indoors or out, or relax at the perfect temperature. Regardless of your needs or desires, all of these features rely on home networking.

Now more than ever, the connectivity of your home is vital. As the number of devices that rely on media streaming grows, so does the need to ensure your home system works reliably. Keeping your network robust and secure requires detailed planning and management from knowledgeable installers.

Are you looking to upgrade your Denver, CO home with better bandwidth, flexibility, and data security? Read below to find out more.

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Ban The Buffer

We put a lot of demands on our home networks. When the connection is a simple single source to a device, the strain on a network is minimal. A typical home has multiple TVs, tablets, and smartphones; as the bandwidth demands multiply, an off-the-shelf system is quickly pushed to its limits.

When a network becomes overwhelmed, it causes slow page loads, delayed response in games, and the dreaded buffering messages during a movie. A superior design incorporates enterprise-class equipment that accommodates your family’s needs while still delivering uninterrupted media and control.


Consider the Connection

The most reliable connection for any device is with a hard-wired port. Ethernet cables handle more bandwidth, experience far fewer service interruptions and are more secure. If a device is installed in a permanent location, it is highly recommended to use a physical connection. This practice assures you stability and relieves the wireless infrastructure of the load.

We live in a wireless world, and Wi-Fi furnishes you with the freedom to enjoy your devices, media, and interfaces without the hassle of wires, indoors or outside. Wireless communication does have its benefits, but its reliance on over-the-air signals presents some limitations and pitfalls. The RF (Radio Frequency) is prone to interference from other Wi-Fi-enabled devices or even your neighbor’s network. Because anyone within range of your router can receive the transmission, it increases the likelihood of illicit access by hacking.


Wi-Fi 6 to the Rescue

Wi-Fi 6 (802.11ax), the newest transmission protocol, is designed to minimize most of today’s wireless issues. Developed with the demands of the modern home and entertainment options in mind, it makes connection more reliable than ever.

Previous protocols struggled to push through standard HD video. With Wi-Fi 6, each RF channel is increased from 80MHz to 160MHz, making it capable of accommodating 8K video streams. Each router can handle more devices simultaneously using an advanced spectrum time-frequency segregation manager (OFDMA). This means your entire house can stream the same quality all at the same time. In addition, latency, the dreaded buffer, is eliminated, allowing everyone in your home uninterrupted enjoyment.


A Better Smart Home

An improved home network brings out the best in your entertainment and control. Are you ready to experience superior connectivity? Call us at 303-558-9050 or fill out our contact form for a no-obligation conversation. We look forward to working with you!

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