5 Smart Technologies You Absolutely Need for Your Home


How Our Smart Home Company Can Make Your Living Experience Even More Luxurious 

How can smart home products make your life more enjoyable? More than high-tech gadgets and systems that usher your home into the 21st centurythey also add more luxury, convenience, and fun to your daily life. From smart lighting and motorized shades to multi-room audio and home entertainment systems, smart technologies make your home even more pleasurable to live in.  

In this blog, our smart home company reviews the top five technologies that are a must for any homeowner in Denver, COKeep reading to discover the benefits of each.  

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1. Smart Lighting Control

One of the most popular technologies is lighting control. Imagine never having to touch a wall switch again. Or think about what it would be like to adjust the color of your lights for each room. Even better, what if your lights could think for themselves: changing color and intensity throughout the day to sync with your body’s natural circadian rhythm? It’s all possible with a lighting control system. Using your smart home tablet or smartphone, you’ll enjoy complete control of all the lights in your home from where you sit.  

2. Motorized Window Shades

Most people don’t give a second thought to their window shades. But you’re not like most people. You want window treatments that complement your home’s décor and are easy to operate. Transform your space and enjoy one-touch control with motorized shades from Crestron and Lutron.  

Available in many designs and colors with various features (i.e., light filtering, room darkening, UV protection, and blackout), your motorized window shades are the perfect addition to your smart home. Integrated with your smart lights, they give you complete light control in your home. You can even add smart climate control into the mix – helping you save money on your energy bill.  

3. Whole-Home Audio 

Move to the sound of music wherever you go in your home! And no, we’re not talking about putting in your earbuds. Instead, a whole-home sound system lets you take the music anywhere on your property – unconnected to wires and tech. A multi-room sound system delivers high-end audio to all areas of your home via in-wall and in-ceiling speakers as well as subwoofers. The result? If you want to crank up your favorite songs, you’ll feel like you’re at a concert. Want to listen to soft music or a podcast? Select your online streaming channel on your touchpad, and you can hear everything in every room as you go about your day.  

4. Whole-Home Video

Is it hard for you to sit still when watching a movie? You may want to get up to stretch your legs, get a snack in the kitchen, or use the bathroom. Maybe you want a change of scenery, but you’d like to keep an eye on the movie as well. A whole-home video system is the ideal choice. Unlike a streaming service that lets you pick up where you left off if you start watching a program in another room, a distributed video system plays the same program in real-time on all connected TVs throughout your home. And because it’s a centralized system, you don’t need to worry about DVD players, Blu-ray players, or other equipment getting in the way. Of course, you’ll enjoy seamless control of everything with your smart home system.  

5. Home Entertainment 

This is where smart home control meets amazing home entertainment. Home theaters today incorporate a wide range of technologies to take home entertainment to the highest level. Smart 4K TVs with HDR imaging, high-end surround-sound systems, LED theater lighting, and complete one-touch control of everything create an immersive environment that you’ve got to experience. Better than the movie theaters! But this isn’t just for home theaters. Take the entertainment outside by adding outdoor TVs, speakers, and lighting. All the integrated and automated technologies come together to add more enjoyment to your life.  


Elevate your living experience by upgrading to smart home technologies. Call Aurum at 303.558.9050 or fill out our contact form to schedule a consultation. We look forward to hearing from you. 

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