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Learn About the Customized Process Aurum Uses to Build Your Posh Private Cinema 

Designing and building a home theater takes creativity and planning. When you want the perfect home entertainment space, you can’t simply jump in feet first. Instead, it’s important to assess your needs. Do you want a big-screen TV or a projector and screen system? What kind of seating is ideal – couches or luxury theater seating? And what about other technologies, such as lighting, surround sound, smart home control, and even acoustic treatment?  

In other words, home theater design is a work of art and a skill that isn’t learned in a day. Fortunately, Aurum has been building private home cinemas in Denver, CO, for many years. We follow a standardized design-build process to ensure your home theater is the perfect space to relax, unwind, and be entertained 

Keep reading to learn more about our customized services.  

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Step 1: Let’s Get to Know You 

You want a custom home theater, not one that looks like your neighbor’s. When designing and building, you should never settle for a “cookie-cutter” cinema. That’s why the experts at Aurum take the time to learn everything about your needs and preferences. We want to create a system that aligns with your lifestyle, interests, and dreams. For instance, some of our clients want JVC, Barco, or Sony’s short-throw projectors that deliver amazing images (even though the projector is about a foot away from the wall). Others prefer a large screen 4K TV. The choice is yours!  

Step 2: It’s Time to Design 

After we know what you want, we begin the design process. This includes crafting a system that adheres to your preferences. We introduce you to any number of technologies you can put in your home theater: smart LED lighting control, premium surround-sound systems from makers like Steinway Lyngdorf and McIntosh, motorized screens from Screen Innovations, and of course, smart home control from Control4, Savant, and Crestron. Keep in mind, this is a discussion, and it’s YOUR project. We are more than happy to make adjustments before moving on to the next stage.  

Step 3: Where Design Meets Engineering  

Once we have the design in place, then the work begins! All your ideas come together in project drawings and blueprints to prepare our technicians for the next phase – construction. The engineering plans include a lot of “backend” details, such as wiring, ceiling plans, floor elevations, audio-visual equipment, motorized shadessmart home integration, and everything else that ensures a smooth-running system. Our goal is to make sure the engineering specs and your vision for the project are perfectly aligned.  

Step 4: Putting the Plan in Place 

Here’s where the fun begins. At Aurum, we love to see your project come to life. Our experienced technicians follow the engineering plans to the letter and test everything to ensure reliable functionality. From wiring projectors and sound systems to installing Fortress seating, smart lighting control, and theater décor, we do it all! The timeline for completion varies depending on the project scope and any changes you want. We strive for the ultimate professionalism by following a consistent and transparent process. 

Step 5Always Here for You 

After we’re finished with your home theater project, the customer service isn’t over. In fact, we offer service plans that include maintenance and performance checks, 24/7 remote monitoring, and priority service. We also address warranty issues to ensure your system runs smoothly for many years to come. So, if you ever need us, we are always available!  


Are you ready to build a custom home theater that is your haven for home entertainment? Call Aurum at 303.558.9050 or fill out our online contact form to request a consultation. We look forward to hearing from you!  

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