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Go With a Media Room Design That Transforms Your Entertainment

A media room with a large screen, projector, sectional, and pool table.

Bring Friends and Family Together for the Ultimate Entertainment

A home theater offers the ultimate home entertainment. The immersive cinematic experience comes to life with plush, tiered seating, lighting that emulates elegant movie theaters, and acoustic paneling that resembles great works of art. In these rooms, movies come to life, inviting us into other realms, a world where we journey with the characters, encompassing their emotions and participating in what's happening on screen.

But what if you want a more multi-purpose environment designed for socializing, a space that invites friends in for viewing the latest sporting event, playing a video game with the kids, and watching a great movie with the family at day’s end. That’s when a media room design offers the perfect solution.

Our media room design brings together relaxed lounge-style spaces that retain the superior sights and sounds of a home theater, enabling you to enjoy good conversation and great entertainment at the same time.

Are you ready to explore the possibilities of a well-designed media room? Then keep reading below to learn more. 

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While the thrill of a home theater offers you the complete cinematic experience, it is not optimal for everything. Watching the game with friends, enjoying television with the family, or catching up on the news is better suited to a more informal setting. 

At Aurum, our media room design combines rich, detailed sound and superior image quality in a smaller, more relaxed space. Whether you want to upgrade a corner of the game room or create a specific area, the results exceed your expectations. 

What can a media room provide your Boulder, CO home? Learn more by continuing to read below. 

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Not a Home Theater, Not a Living Room—It’s the Perfect Media Room


4 Elements for a High-End Media Room Design  

There’s no denying it—movies, TV shows, and video games are vastly better in home theater. But not everyone has the space for a dedicated cinema, and not everyone necessarily wants a room for only one purpose. But if you want the wow-factor visuals and sound of a theater in your Boulder, CO, home, we can still bring that experience to a hybrid environment.   

In this article, we’ll share the best technologies to use in a custom media room design. In a media room, you can share cocktails, have great conversations, enjoy your favorite music, and then transition into a theater setting when it’s movie time. Get inspired for your media room below.


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