Ensure a Reliable, Fast Home Network for Your Smart Home


Today’s Smart Homes Demand a Robust Home Network

Your home network is the hub for all your smart home devices. It allows you to control the temperature, lighting, climate, entertainment, security, and more with one mobile device – tablet, wall touchpad, remote, or smartphone. To ensure that all of these systems are functioning at their peak requires a reliable home network.

A robust home network installation connects all of your smart devices to the internet and to each other. It allows the communication required for full functionality. Do you want your shades to lower at the end of the day, your lights to adjust, and the doors to lock in your Denver, CO home? To achieve all of this and more requires a solid network.

As home automation and home networking experts, we've witnessed the changing landscape of home networks. What once worked reasonably well is no longer sufficient as more advanced smart home devices take center stage. Instead, you need a reliable and secure network that ensures corner-to-corner coverage, no dropped connections during video conferencing or Wi-Fi calling, and an enjoyable evening when tuning in to streaming services and watching your 4K HDR TV.

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If you live in a smart home, the quality and stability of your home networking are critical to the day-to-day operations of the household. You need to protect the information and bandwidth, whether it is to ensure that streaming 4K ultra-high-definition movies, checking your financial statements, or conducting a team video meeting go smoothly.

Many integrators focus solely on maximizing data throughput when designing a network, only adding basic security protocols at the last minute. While your family is happy with never encountering the dreaded buffering video message, ignoring the upkeep of safety can damage your work and personal life.

At Aurum, we are dedicated to enhancing the way you live, adding luxury and convenience while protecting you from the threats of an online world. Are you interested in upgrading your Denver, CO home with a professional system? Read below to learn more.

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Upgrade Your Home Networking for Better Streaming


Enjoy More Movies, Music, and Online Gaming with Assured Connectivity

Your smart home offers many benefits that enhance your lifestyle. The technology allows you to watch ultra-high-definition video from anywhere in the world, enjoy audiophile-quality music indoors or out, or relax at the perfect temperature. Regardless of your needs or desires, all of these features rely on home networking.

Now more than ever, the connectivity of your home is vital. As the number of devices that rely on media streaming grows, so does the need to ensure your home system works reliably. Keeping your network robust and secure requires detailed planning and management from knowledgeable installers.

Are you looking to upgrade your Denver, CO home with better bandwidth, flexibility, and data security? Read below to find out more.

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Enterprise vs. Consumer Grade Networking: What’s the Difference?


Discover Your Options for Faster & More Expansive Home Wi-Fi   

Are there rooms or entire areas of your house that hardly receive a Wi-Fi signal? In this modern age, we rely on speedy internet in every room for our entertainment, communication, and even work.  

If you’re working from home in Denver, you need to know your Zoom calls won’t crash, and you’ll be able to reach the server all day. If your whole household is learning or working remotely, this could cause serious strain on your router—not to mention all your other smart devices.   

Aenterprise-grade network from our team at Aurum can guarantee you’re always connected to what matters most. Though they’re commonly used for businesses, we’re seeing more Colorado homeowners upgrade to enterprise-grade networks.   

But what is an enterprise grade home networking, and how does it differ from regular consumer grade systems? We share what each means and what you can expect for your Colorado living space.  

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