Make The Most Of Your Music With An Outdoor Sound System


Expand Your Entertaining Space This Summer With Audiophile Quality Speakers

The warm weather is fast approaching our area, which means that the time of outdoor entertaining will soon be upon us. Whether you plan to host intimate dinners under the stars or relax by the pool with friends and family, music makes it a moment.

Listening to music outside should immerse you in the experience, furnishing you with the same quality you expect from your multiroom audio. An outdoor sound system provides inspiration, excitement, and the energizing power of your music with uncompromised quality.

Are you intrigued by the possibilities of how audio can transform your Cherry Hills backyard? Read below to learn more.


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Mindful Music

Humans have a special relationship with music; it permeates nearly all of human culture and is considered by many to be an innate part of our biology. Research shows that the simple act of listening to a song has an impact on every aspect of the brain. The areas most acutely sensitive are associated with logic, language and are linked to dopamine production. Regardless of your choice of music, the sound system you install should respect this relationship.


Sound Of The Season

Reproducing sound outdoors presents challenges beyond the weather. The speakers used for your media room use the physical walls and spaces behind to accentuate the sound. Without borders to bounce the sound off, propagating music throughout your yard can be dull and muddy if not planned properly. 

Our preferred partners and expert design create stunningly precise and clear reproductions, producing sound fields that rival multiroom audio systems. Whether you are in close proximity to the speakers or across the pool, the music reaches you without excessive volume. 


Heard Not Seen

The technology behind audio reproduction does not need to be front and center when you are entertaining. Unlike your experience in a listening room, the focus should be on enjoying the moment and your interactions with friends and family. Our outdoor speakers are designed to be hidden away or to blend in with the landscaping.

Maintain the uncluttered architectural lines of your home and the natural beauty of your outdoor spaces by placing speakers out of sightlines. Our technicians discreetly mount the units under cornices, in corners, or camouflaged within your landscaping. Whatever your aesthetic choice, enjoy audiophile quality in the grandeur of your yard. 


Complete Outdoor Living

Outdoor entertaining is more important than ever. There is no need to sacrifice the quality of your viewing or listening. An expertly designed outdoor display and sound system will make your backyard the favorite entertainment space.


Are you ready to start the entertaining outdoor season sounding great? Call us at 303-558-9050 or fill out our contact form for a no-obligation consultation. We look forward to working with you!

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