Create the Perfect Soundscape with an Outdoor Audio System


Weatherproof High-End Speakers from Sonance

How do you currently enjoy music outdoors? If you’re hosting friends and family by the pool, do you carry out a portable speaker? That might work fine, but if anyone walks to another area of the backyard, they won’t be able to hear the playlist or album you’ve put on.   

Maybe you blast your garage speakers loud enough to reach outdoors. But now there are some areas with ear-splitting sound and others where it’s barely audible. If only there were a way to evenly distribute outdoor audio

Aurum has a solution: Outdoor sound systems like Sonance can stay installed outside year-round. With one tap of a button, you can connect your outdoor speakers to indoor music, so the same tunes flow throughout your entire property. We’ll break down how it works below so you can get started with outdoor audio in your Denver, CO home.  


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Audio to Withstand All Weather

Sonance speakers are built durable enough to withstand rain, snow, heat, cold, dirt, and anything else Mother Nature has in store. But how?

Outdoor audio equipment uses stainless steel and aluminum frames, which won’t corrode or rust like indoor speakers’ steel frames. The exterior casing is made with a high-heat non-corrosive sealed enclosure, so your speakers can stay installed outside for all four seasons.  


How We Install

At Aurum, we regularly install outdoor audio in the Denver area. Our approach includes trenching wire underground to discreetly integrate speakers into your landscaping. All of your speakers will connect to the same receiver, and we’ll link the outdoor devices to your indoor speakers. We can wire your speakers to an automation system that lets you wirelessly select a song, raise the volume, and group devices from your smartphone.


Distribute Sound Evenly

Sonance’s satellite speakers are an excellent way to bring sound to every area of your property. The speakers look like small spotlights but are built with large drivers and woofers for powerful sound. The LS4T model has a 5.12-inch diameter, while the LS6T is a bit larger, with a 7.43-inch diameter.

To hear all the sound details in your music collection, you need a speaker system that can deliver high, mid, and low-range frequencies. Sonance’s outdoor subwoofers will provide the delicious low bass notes that make rock and hip hop so pleasurable to listen to.

Sonance’s in-ground subwoofers can hide among your flowers and shrubbery without distraction. By pairing the subwoofer with a system of satellite speakers, you’ll have all the sound frequencies you need from the porch to the pool house. Connect them to an outdoor TV, and you’re all set for summer nights.  


Looking for Outdoor Audio in Denver?

Search no further than Aurum, Denver’s leading expert in high-end audio and video sound systems. Chat with a member of our team below or contact us here to get started on your home’s luxury AV. We look forward to speaking with you!

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