Turn It Up: Using Smart Home Automation for Music


Audio Control Ideas for Your Denver Home

We all know music can influence our moods and bring people together: Whether you love rock, hip-hop, or a little of everything, your favorite music should be heard on a system of quality speakers that you can control through your phone or a touch panel. But how can you achieve that?

For the best experience, an automation system can transform the way you enjoy music. Maybe you already own a Control4, Savant, or Crestron system in your Denver smart home, or perhaps you’re exploring the possibilities. Read on to discover several ways you can fill your Colorado house with music.

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Stream Music in Every Room

Our team at Aurum can wire your home’s speakers to a central amplifier and smart controller so that you can select music for the entire house through an app or touch panel.

With Control4, Savant, or Crestron, you can choose specific audio zones from your tablet or phone. Want soothing music across the first floor? A dedicated touch panel in each room makes it easy to press play and enjoy. For instance, double-tap the volume button on your Control4 screen to turn off an audio zone or tell Alexa to play ‘80s music in the ‘whole house.’ A smart system makes it simple to stream Spotify, Apple Music, or Amazon Music in every room.  


Bring Audio Outdoors

Music doesn’t have to stay inside. We can sync outdoor audio to the whole-home system, too, so you can use weatherproof speakers and in-ground subwoofers to bring a party to the patio.

On your control system app, tap a scene we’ll call ‘Outdoor Audio,’ and your music will start playing at a pleasant-sounding level. Outdoor speakers can link up with indoor speakers, too, so as you walk from the patio to the kitchen then back outdoors, you’ll never miss a word of your podcast.


Sync the Record Player, Grand Piano & More

Smart systems let you get creative with your audio sources. Did you know that we can connect your grand piano to your audio configuration? We can also set up your turntable as a source so that you can hear your vinyl collection emanate from in-wall speakers. You can even select the home theater or a TV to play over whole-house speakers, so you can listen to the game in any room.


Create a ‘Music’ Scene

Saving customized scenes is one of the most beneficial features of home automation. For instance, your preferred ‘Music’ scene can automatically set lights to a designated percent and speaker volume to your preferred level, ideal for late-night focus or relaxation.


Hum Along in the Shower

Audio distribution touches many rooms, but too many smart home users leave it out of their bathrooms – a missed opportunity. Imagine music that starts playing automatically when you turn on shower lights, instantly transforming the mood to help you get ready for your day or wind down at night.

We can also install a touch screen behind a waterproof wall-mount, from which you can tap on music to soundtrack your shower. Smart mirrors by Séura can let you select music right from your reflection’s surface, then enjoy your favorite songs while you get ready in the bathroom.

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