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What Is 2-Channel Audio, Anyway?


Audio FAQs to Enjoy High-Fidelity Sound in Your Boulder, CO Home

Everyone who ever became an audiophile or speaker fanatic started as someone who wondered: What would this sound like on a better pair of speakers? If you’ve ever heard high-fidelity sound on speaker brands like McIntosh, CAT, or Steinway Lyngdorf, then you know the vast difference in audio quality compared to a cheap Bluetooth speaker.

But there’s a lot to learn in the home speaker world, and you may not be sure where to start with an audio upgrade. So, we’re here to answer your sound system questions, whether that includes whole home audio or a home theater setup in your Boulder, CO home. Read on to learn how it all works.


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What Is Two-Channel Audio?

Sound is separated into channels, and with two channels instead of one, you’ll hear more depth to your music. Also called stereo (as opposed to mono), sound is separated into left and right speakers. You’ll use two speakers positioned a distance apart, facing the listener. You could use two-channel audio on either side of your TV, record player, or connect to your smartphone for streaming. If you’re looking for that live-music-sensation, a stereo setup will always bring you closer.


How Do I Add More Channels?

If you want even more speakers in your system, you’ll have to wire them to the same receiver. The receiver acts as the brain of your system, sending signals from audio sources to your speakers.

By adding additional speakers and a subwoofer, you’ll hear richer sound throughout your house or home theater. A multi-room system lets you enjoy your favorite tunes as you walk from one end of the house to another, a good mood following you every step of the way.


How Can I Connect Music Sources?

Your stereo system can be synced to many different audio sources. Hook the receiver up to your turntable for new and vintage records, for instance, or connect to the TV to boost your Netflix audio. Many high-end amplifiers and speakers, like models by McIntosh, now include Wi-Fi and Bluetooth enabled features so that you can link your phone wirelessly. Select Spotify, Apple Music, Pandora, or wherever you find new music, and enjoy it over top-quality speakers.


Are you ready to upgrade your audio experience? Contact Aurum, Boulder, Colorado’s premium audio dealer, for your multi-room and whole-home audio needs. We look forward to assisting you!  

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