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How Motorized Shades Enhance Comfort and Luxury

 A luxurious living room in Denver with motorized shades filtering late afternoon sunlight.

Adapt Easily to Denver’s Ever-Changing Weather 

In Denver, where the beauty of the Rockies meets urban sophistication, the homes in neighborhoods like Cherry Creek and Washington Park are not just residences; they're retreats that reflect your sense of comfort and luxury. One key element that's becoming increasingly essential in luxury homes is motorized shades. Far from being just another accessory, motorized shades in Denver are a smart response to the city's unique, highly variable weather patterns and a testament to refined living. They offer a seamless blend of functionality and elegance, enhancing the indoor environment while complementing the city's stunning natural backdrop. Let’s explore how motorized window treatments keep your home comfortable regardless of the Colorado weather. 


A closeup of a motorized shade in the living area of a modern Denver home.


In the world of luxury living, every detail matters. From the architectural design to the interior decor, each element contributes to the overall ambiance of your Denver, CO, home. Motorized shades are one of those marvels of smart technology that add convenience and luxury to Colorado homes, with the added benefit that they do it in style. And when it comes to stylish window treatments, Lutron Palladiom motorized shades stand in a class of their own. Let's explore the Lutron Palladiom difference below.

Motorized Shades Offer Elegance and Effortless Control

A dining area with a table and chairs. Lowered Lutron window shades let in diffuse sunlight.

Let Your Smart Home Manage Your Window Coverings

The interplay of natural light in a room draws you in, intrigued by the sunlight that diminishes the separation between our interior world and the world of nature that lies beyond our walls. As the architect, Richard Meyer said, “Architecture which enters into a symbiosis with light does not merely create form in light, by day and at night, but allows light to become form.” 

In addition to creating an alluring ambiance and enhancing the materials and colors it touches, there is an undeniable connection between our emotions and the level of natural light in our homes. Natural light enhances vitality, boosts moods, reduces stress, and improves sleep.

So, why do we find many homes in Denver, CO, with the shades drawn? The answer lies in the UV rays that can cause permanent discoloration and sun damage to our home's interiors and the direct sun's glare that makes it difficult to see computer screens and TVs. We lower the shades when sunlight enters our homes, and there they remain throughout the day, reducing the beauty and benefits of the sun.

Motorized shades change that.

Are you intrigued by the possibilities? Then, keep reading below to learn more. 

Motorized Shades Offer Effortless Control of Daylight


Bring Beauty and Elegance to Your Home with Motorized Window Coverings

Window coverings can bring incredible beauty and functionality to our homes, significantly changing how a room looks and feels. They can add a touch of elegance, a modernistic flair, or a whisp of sheer material designed to pay homage to the sun. 

They protect our fine art and furnishings from direct UV rays that fade hardwood floors, rugs, art, and photographs. They let the beauty of diffuse sunlight in, while providing privacy when evening falls. These window coverings play a significant role in our daily lives, yet we often take them for granted. Raising and lowering them throughout the day is more trouble than benefit, leaving many stationary. 

That’s where motorized shades come in. These shades offer the same beauty and elegance along with automated and one-touch control. Tap an icon on a touchscreen and lower every shade in your home or in just one room. Tell the shades to lower by 50% in the living room, and it's done. Wake to shades that automatically rise with the first rays of the sun. Motorized window coverings make the tedious fun and managing daylight effortless. 

Are you ready to create unrivaled ease of living while adding beauty and elegance to your Denver, CO, home? Let’s explore the many benefits motorized shades provide. 




The windows of your home do more than let the natural light of the sun in; they simultaneously define spaces and blur the boundary between you and the outdoors. Regular exposure to sunlight boosts your happiness, enhances focus, and keeps you invigorated

The great educational reformer and advocate for public intellectualism, Horace Mann, often compared intellectual curiosity with an open home by saying: ”A house without books is like a room without windows.”

When well designed and framed by functional dressing like drapes and motorized shades, your home can reap the benefits while managing the amount and type of light that enters your rooms. You may think upgrading involves tearing up walls, messy installation, and more remotes to clutter your countertops. At Aurum, we offer a variety of styles and designs that have you up and running sooner.

Are you intrigued to see how modern models make your Denver, CO home more elegant, sophisticated, and comfortable? Then continue reading below to discover more.


Motorized Shades Bring Benefits and Beauty to Your Home


Improve Your Wellbeing, Save Energy, and Enhance Your Home with Smart Window Treatments.

The windows of your home bring beautiful vistas and nature into your rooms, creating a more balanced environment indoors. Even so, completely bare windows can be too much of a good thing – adding too much brightness or heat loss/gain. Motorized shades give you the ability to manage natural light, privacy, comfort, and energy savings.

Most often, shades are used to impart a final fit and finish to a space; without them, a room looks cold, barren, and unwelcoming. While fashion is essential, window treatments are an integral and often underrated component of a smart home system. When combined with sensors and time-of-day sequences, your home regulates itself, keeping you comfortable and content.

Are you looking for shades that add beauty and benefits to your Denver, CO house? Read below to learn more.

What Makes Lutron’s Palladiom Shades So Luxurious?


Discover Why Lutron’s Beautifully Engineered Shading System is Perfect for Your Home 

Take a scenic tour throughout your home. What do you see? Beautiful floors, well-appointed furniture, and home décor that showcase your sense of style. The only thing that may be missing is a Lutron Palladiom shading system. These elegant motorized shades offer the “smart” functionality you want and the room-enhancing beauty you need to complement the design motif of your home in Denver, CO. 

In this blog, we’ll highlight several features of Lutron’s Palladiom shades that set them apart from other shading systems you find on the market. Keep reading to discover more.  

Simplify Security with Stylish Motorized Shades


How Lutron and Crestron shading solutions improve your home

Smart technology doesn’t only simplify your lifestyle. It’s also convenient and offers superior levels of control, blends with your home décor, and combines style with technology. And motorized shades are among the most beautiful, modern, and versatile technologies you can enjoy. Want to explore the benefits of installing smart shades in your Denver, CO home? Keep reading.

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