4 Reasons to Upgrade to Smart Motorized Shades


Motorized Window Treatments Give You a Transformative Smart Home Experience

When you think about home décor, the first features that come to mind are probably furniture, flooring, artwork, and even room layout. But you likely don’t consider your windows to be part of your interior design scheme. Even though they provide a beautiful view of your lush lawn and even a spectacular panorama of the mountains and nature, they focus on function rather than form.

It’s time to dress up your windows, as well as improve your smart home experience. Motorized shades not only increase your home’s ambiance but also allow you to have complete natural light control at the touch of a button. Keep reading to learn the four reasons you need smart shades in your Boulder, CO, home.


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  1. Hands-Free Remote Features

Remote control has been around for years. However, not long ago, someone got smart and decided to integrate that technology into homes. That’s when smart homes were born! Motorized shades are smart technologies that help you enjoy the modern conveniences of living in a connected home.

Instead of manually opening and closing your window treatments throughout the day, do it with a remote, wall switch, smart home touchpad, or smartphone. Some systems also feature voice command. That means no more dealing with cords and rods or moving around the furniture to adjust the shades. If you prefer a completely hands-free and automated option, you can also program your shades to operate based on the times of the day.


  1. Windows with the “Wow” Factor

There’s something sleek and stylish about smart shades. They offer high-tech functionality – which is always impressive – and a level of elegance that is pleasing to the eye. Motorized shades from industry-leading companies like Lutron and Crestron come in a wide variety of styles and colors with many options. Whether you want decorative window treatments, blackout shades, solar screens, outdoor shades, or translucent fabric, there’s a shade for every purpose. You’re sure to find a window lighting control product that complements and even enhances your design motif.


  1. Seamless Light and Temperature Control

Besides their impressive automation and design features, motorized shades serve another purpose. They give you seamless temperature and light control in your home. Depending on the fabric you choose, they provide filtered light that gives your room a new look. Choose between light colors, dark colors, or designer patterns. When it comes to temperature control, they can even be integrated with your climate control system – raising and lowering automatically – to ensure a perfectly comfortable living space all year long.


  1. More Privacy with Smart Shades

Are you ready for a family movie night in your home theater? Press a button, and the magic happens. Your lights dim, the audio-video system starts, and your motorized shades lower – creating the perfect private space for home entertainment. Because your shades are programmable, they’ll also operate independently as night falls, giving you more privacy while you enjoy the evening. Also, if you’re planning a vacation, program your shades to open and close at different times during the day, giving your home the appearance of occupancy.


Read to add beauty, privacy, and luxury to your home with motorized shades? Call Aurum at 303.558.9050 or fill out our online contact form today to schedule a consultation. We look forward to hearing from you!

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