3 Reasons You Should Upgrade to Ketra Lighting Control


Lutron lighting offers more than beautiful light

Getting the most out of your lights seems like it should be easy. After all, you just switch them off and on, right? There’s more to lighting than the manually operated system you’re used to. Lutron lighting control technology offers more robust performance, so your home can look better, operate more efficiently, and help you feel more productive and relaxed throughout the day.

With their acquisition of Ketra, a leader in tunable lighting solutions, Lutron now offers lighting that improves your overall wellness. And tunable systems provide so much more than that.

Want to find out how Lutron, Ketra, and Aurum improve your Denver, CO property? Keep reading to learn how we can brighten your home with these brands.





The best reason to invest in a Ketra system is improved wellness throughout your home. Tunable lighting mimics the sunlight changes throughout the day, so it's more intense at noon and softer in the evening. It's not just the brightness that changes, but the color temperature. Lower temperatures mean less intensity, so your body starts to relax naturally.

Ketra delivers tunable automation, so your system will gradually change throughout the day to match your energy levels. You likely won't even notice the changes as they're nearly indistinguishable adjustments, but you'll feel significantly better as the lights shift, leading to improved sleep and more productive days.



As with any lighting, how it looks is among the most important things. Lousy lighting can ruin your decor, your AV, and your entire at-home experience. However, with a Ketra system, you can enjoy brand new aspects to your art and decor that you may have missed before.

Color temperature isn't just a fancy name; it refers to the slight tint given off by light at different heat levels. Though it may seem counterintuitive, bluish light is hotter and more intense, and warmer-toned light emits less heat energy. But the changing color will have an impact on the way you see your environments. So, it adds a layer of stylish fun to your home design as you discover the effects of the changing light on your interior design.


Energy Efficiency

Traditional dimmers only lower LED fixtures to about 10 percent of their output. That’s a significant amount of light! Modern dimmers and light control systems from Lutron let your lights dim to less than one percent. That means more gradients of brightness and more versatility for your system.

It also means your lights operate more efficiently. On average, an LED lighting system can last up to 20 years with regular use. By lowering the fixtures' output, you can reduce the wear and tear on your devices, so they'll have a longer lifespan.


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