Bring Your Home to Life with Lighting Automation

Elegant Kitchen with sophisticated lighting automation and daylight streaming in.

Sophisticated Illumination Improves Personal Well-Being and Transforms Your Perceptions  

The nature of light in your home influences more than the look of your living spaces; it remarkably affects your perceptions of happiness, comfort, and sense of well-being. Traditionally, fixtures have been used to guide your way in the dark or provide illumination for a task. 

Beyond a simple on or off, lighting automation has the power to create ambiance, create vibrant spaces, and change your mood, all with the swipe of an app or keypad. Our professional integration team furnishes you with the tools to personalize your home's appearance, allowing you to enjoy authentic luxury living.  

Are you looking for a better way to brighten your Boulder, CO home? Then continue reading below. 

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Light Up Your Life

Eons have shaped human biology and evolution under the daily cycle of the sun's rise and setting; its path directs our focus, vigor, and emotions. Studies suggest that moderate daily exposure to sunlight helps strengthen the immune system, build new neural pathways, and promote beneficial cellular growth. 

We take a decidedly holistic approach to home illumination, believing it is crucial to balance the demands and responsibilities of modern living with your innate circadian rhythms. Our systems seek to maximize the use of natural light during the day and create vibrant environments at night. 

Tuneable and Transformative 

With advanced lighting automation, you can create liveliness and theatrical drama in a room, transforming it in ways standard fixtures are incapable of. 

The exclusive tunable illumination tools offer the unique ability to tweak individual colors to create a genuinely stunning illumination. So you'll never see the same again, whether you are crafting the perfect look for the home theater or highlighting artwork in the den.

Controlled Elegance

The look of your home, from the decor to its architectural elements, is a unique interpretation of your vision. We understand that the interfaces used should impart the same attention to detail rather than distract from It.  

A standard control solution is to use banks of dimmers and switches at the entrance of a room; regrettably, the resulting 'wall acne' is confusing and unsightly. We offer a selection of elegant keypads that blend minimalist design and enhanced functionality. Tailor-made buttons and engravings suit any need and belie the innovative technology behind them, giving you unparalleled control. 

A Home Fit to You

At Aurum, we understand that your home is an expression of you. Are you ready to see how lighting adds luxury to your lifestyle? Call us at 305-558-9050 or fill out our online contact form to start the conversation. We look forward to working with you!

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