How Lutron Lighting Control Promotes Wellness


Design lighting that helps your clients feel better throughout the day

Many homeowners have stayed home for much of this year. So it might be the perfect time to transform your interior design clients’ properties into their ultimate wellness retreat in Denver, CO. You’ll impress them with your knowledge of tunable Lutron lighting control options.

What's tunable lighting, and how can it benefit your clients? Find out how to transform the look, feeling, and mood of your next project with the touch of a button. Keep reading for more.


What Is Lutron Tunable Lighting?

Tunable lighting improves the user's wellness throughout the day. It mimics natural sunlight and the way it changes throughout the day to align your rhythms. Lutron lighting control automatically adjusts color temperatures to match the progression of the sun.

Color temperature is a characteristic of visible light. It refers to the way bulbs change hue as they generates more heat. Blue coloring indicates hotter light and resembles morning and afternoon sunlight. Under it, your clients can be active and engaged. Yellow tint means less heat, similar to the way the sun looks toward nighttime. It's great for relaxing before bed.

But it's not just about feeling better -- it's about looking better, too. Lutron lighting control lets users adjust the intensity of the lights, depending on the room's aesthetics. Light acts as an essential impact on the way we see and enjoy our furnishings, so one-touch intensity control means users can quickly and easily transform the room's look.

And users can also take advantage of Lutron’s advanced dimming and zone control features to create unique lighting arrangements in any room of their property. With a few swipes on the controller, users can create and save the perfect scene for any occasion.

Designing for Wellness

Lutron lighting control makes the most out of a room’s lighting fixtures. The lighting design illuminates all corners of the property. Together, they make brightening spaces easy, intuitive and fun.

Integrated control allows users to brighten, dim, and adjust light fixtures with an easy-to-use interface. From a single screen, create beautiful lighting arrangements, turn every fixture on or off and change the circadian settings for the best experience.

Plus, Aurum collaborates with local designers and architects of your choice to find the best solutions for your projects. If you’re a home improvement professional who needs a partner that can support their technology needs, we want to partner with you.

When we work together, we can build incredible results. If you'd like to work with Colorado's leading home technology integrator, click here or call 303.558.9050.



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