How Whole-Home Sound Systems Work


Your Guide to Get Started with Multi-Room Audio 

Imagine hosting a party where the music follows your guests from the living room to the theater to the patio. Or envision a regular Monday morning where you enjoy a new podcast or album across your house—no headphones necessary.

A multi-room audio system unlocks a new lifestyle of musical moments. At one tap of a button, you can choose a song, raise the volume, and select the rooms, hallways, or outdoor spaces you want to tune in.   

If you’re looking for a better way to enjoy music in your Vail, CO home, there’s no reason to limit yourself to one room. But a whole-home sound system isn’t something you can rush installing—especially not a high-end system with multiple sound sources.

Below we’ll assess your options for speakers and audio sources to determine the best plan for your home audio.


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Connect Multiple ‘Zones’ with a Receiver

We first need to determine how many areas you’d like to connect to your multi-room system. We’ve built audio systems across vast properties, so there’s essentially no limit. If you’re going beyond three audio zones, it’s best to consult an experienced system designer to configure a multi-channel receiver into an easy-to-use system.

You can control most modern multi-zone receivers through your phone or tablet, allowing independent control of each speaker, zone’s source, and volume. Wall keypads and remotes are always a control option, too. Look for a receiver that offers ten or more HDMI inputs and audio channels, like McIntosh’s MX170.


Wired vs. Wireless System

Wired or wireless­—that’s the hot topic today in the audio world. Wireless speakers are more flexible than wired, as you can unplug them and move them around the room any time you’d like. But Wi-Fi and Bluetooth can be finicky, and if your network is ever down or not responsive, you won’t be able to enjoy your music in one command.

If you don’t see yourself relocating speakers, a wired system is dependable with high-quality audio. Even with speakers wired to your receiver, you can still enjoy wireless control. You can always mix wired and wireless speakers (like Sonos) in one system. And if your house is equipped with CAT-5 computer cables, they can distribute signals via an amplifier to multiple audio zones.


Select Your Audio Sources

What sources would you like to listen to over your whole-home system? Consider your cable TV, streaming services, turntable, Blu-ray player, and CDs. It’s up to you! You’ll just need to ensure you choose a receiver that supports more than one source at a time.

With the right receiver, your household can choose what’s playing in different rooms at a time. A rock radio station can play in the backyard while an audiobook plays across the kitchen and hallways. Later, the whole house can enjoy the same jazz playlist with one tap of a button.


Choose Your Speakers

Do you have space for impressive floor-standing loudspeakers? Or perhaps you prefer bookshelf models. Want to stay minimal with in-wall or in-ceiling architectural speakers? And don’t forget the subwoofer for rumbling bass notes.

Your multi-room system isn’t limited to one brand or model of speakers. Brands like McIntosh, Meridian, Sonance, and Steinway Lyngdorf manufacture top-notch speakers you’ll know will sound professional.  


Are You DIY-Ready, or Should You Hire a Contractor?

If you’re only using a Sonos wireless system, you may be able to figure it out on your own. But jobs like programming a system for simple operation and installing in-wall speakers are best left to a professional. 


If you need the assistance of an audio expert in Vail, CO, look no further than Aurum. We’ll source all the right equipment you’ll need for a sleek and seamless sound system. Contact our team here to discuss your installation project today.

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