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Protect Your Denver Home with Enterprise-Quality Surveillance Cameras


Axis Communications Is the World’s Top Security Camera Manufacturer. Here’s How They Can Safeguard Your Property

There’s no surveillance camera manufacturer more trusted than Axis Communications. Don’t believe us? Their customers include the Moscow Metro, Sydney airport (among 26 other airports), and the city of Houston, to name a few. But Axis isn’t only used for commercial and public spaces. Homeowners choose Axis worldwide to keep their families and properties safe. 

But if you’re just getting started in home surveillance, you might be unsure which surveillance cameras are right for you. Why choose Axis over a quick and cheap camera off Amazon?

If you’re looking for the highest-quality surveillance to protect your house when you’re away, Axis’ worldwide clients can prove they’re the right choice. We share the Axis difference and what each camera model can offer your Denver, CO home below.


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What Is Axis Communications?

Axis Communications is a Swedish surveillance camera manufacturer founded in 1984, with a headquarters now in Massachusetts. In 1996 it introduced the industry’s very first network camera, and in 2003, the smallest network camera. In 2010, Axis debuted the industry’s first thermal network camera and first surveillance camera in high definition. They’re always ahead of the curve and today provide intelligent video analytics that eliminates false alarms and ‘boy who cried wolf’ scenarios.  


Axis Camera Models

Which type of surveillance camera is right for your property? Choose one of the following or mix-and-match different models.


Fixed Dome Cameras

Axis offers numerous versions of its dome cameras, which fit discreetly into any setting while disguising which way the camera is pointing. ‘Fixed’ means the camera doesn’t pivot and turn around like a pan-tilt-zoom model would (below). But the AXIS P37 dome records multi-directional footage while the P3807 captures HD panoramic video at 180 degrees.


Fixed Box & Bullet Cameras

Box and bullet cameras are clear about where the camera is pointing. The intimidating design is sure to ward off any potential threats. The fixed direction allows you to record a specific area like the driveway or back entrance, always in excellent video quality with light sensitivity and a weather-resistant enclosure.


PTZ Cameras

PTZ, or ‘pan, tilt, zoom’ cameras move between preset positions, swiveling around to capture everything you need to see. If your security system detects activity on your property and, through analytics, determines it’s not you and your family, it will automatically move and zoom in to capture the trespasser. PTZ cameras are available in many forms—domes, boxes, and bullet shapes.


Video Analytics

If your security system notices activity on your property, a notification will be sent directly to your smartphone. But won’t that be aggravating if your phone beeps every time your dog runs across the lawn or your own car pulls into the driveway? 

Axis’ video analytics software turns the cameras into sophisticated tools that recognize and differentiate various objects. Object Analytics is preinstalled on Axis network cameras at no extra cost and will eliminate false alarms while making it easier to search through footage. Want to be notified if anyone crouches at the back windows? A specific action like that can be programmed to alert you instantly.


Axis Communications sells its surveillance cameras exclusively through sellers enrolled in the Axis Communications Channel Partner Program. In Denver, our team at Aurum designs and installs custom security systems using Axis cameras and accessories. If you’re looking for better home protection, contact us here to get started.

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