What Can I Automate in a Savant Smart Home?


The Possibilities Are Nearly Endless  

If you’re new to smart home automation, there’s an entire world of options to discover for your Colorado residence. Automation adds elegance and convenience to any home, and almost any electronic can be automated with help from an expert integrator 

As an automation expert servicing Cherry Hills, CO, and the surrounding areas, we’ve helped homeowners sync their appliances and devices under one Savant systemWith these automation ideas, you’ll eliminate countless small tasks from your day.  

What can you automate? Find out below!  

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Circadian Lighting  

Circadian lighting, also known as tunable lighting or human-centric lighting, replicates the sun’s natural cycle across the sky. With the right color temperature and brightness inside your home, you’ll stay energized during the day and feel sleepier at night. Automated smart LEDs steadily adjust their appearance throughout the day, starting cool and bright in the morning and turning warm and soft in the evening, like the golden hour outside 


Imagine this: your living room starts to become uncomfortably warm in the afternoon, so your thermostat tells the ceiling fan to turn on. Or as you walk into the bathroom, the fan starts once you shut the door. We can set sensors to trigger fans and timers to turn them off after a period of inactivity.   


Automation makes shower time feel like you’re visiting your favorite luxury hotel. When the shower door opens, shower lights and the overhead fan can instantly turn onAdjust the lights’ color or set bulbs to flicker after ten minutes in the shower. Tell your voice assistant to play an album, and music will flow out of waterproof bathroom speakers.  

Garage Door  

As you leave the house, sensors can tell your garage door to instinctively lower and lock. When you set your system to ‘Away’ or ‘Night,’ the garage door will instantly lower, too.   


Whether it’s a walk-in or hallway closet, you’ll always find what you’re looking for more easily with automated lights. Open the door, and the closet light will automatically turn on. Close the door, and it’s off.  

Landscape Lighting  

You can schedule landscape lights through the Savant system app to turn on at sunset and turn off before sunrise. A sensor in the driveway will illuminate driveway lights as you pull in, staying on for fifteen minutes.  

Window Treatments and Thermostats  

Your windows and thermostats can work together to always ensure your home’s comfortablheated or cooled—all the while saving energy. When a window has been open for more than five minutes, for instance, the window sensor will signal your thermostat to turn off.  When you close all the windowsthe thermostat will turn back on. Heat sensors will prompt motorized shades to lower at the hottest times of day, keeping rooms cool 

Door Locks  

Smart locks can be set to lock after a door closes or when you tap ‘Away’ on your system app. Amp up security with door sensors that tell you when the front door’s been opened.  

Coffee Pot  

Yes, even your morning brew can be automated with a smart coffee pot. Wolf, a manufacturer of smart appliances, builds automated coffee pots you can sync to a smart system like Savant. You’ll need to add coffee grinds and water the night before, but while you’re just waking in bed the following morning, tap your phone and let your coffee pot downstairs get to work.  

Dishwasher and Washing Machine  

Stay on top of all household to-dos by adding even your dishwasher, washing machine, and dryer to your automation system. Check your Savant system’s icons on the tablet or wall panel to see if the cycle’s finished or wait to hear an alert.  

Merge It All with Savant  

We’ve only skimmed the surface of all we can automate with Savant. Homeowners can also sync multi-room speakers, TVs, home theaters, security devices, and more.  


Ready to get started? If you’re ready for luxury living in Cherry Hills, contact Aurum here. We’d love to discuss your new home project soon.  

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