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Ask the Media Room Designers: How Can I Hide My TV?  

Maybe you’re moving into a new home and will be assembling all your furniture in a new space. Or perhaps you’re considering a new television for the master bedroom. But many homeowners come across the same dilemma when setting up a room: where do I put the TV?  

If you’ve put together an interior that reflects your personal style, a large, black rectangle instantly distracts from the atmosphere. It can be challenging to find the right spot for a TV, but luckily, new technology by manufacturers like Samsung and Séura offer unique solutions.  

As media room designers based in Denver, CO, we help clients seamlessly blend technology into their homes. We’ll share some hidden AV options below to inspire your home entertainment.   

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Artwork TVby Samsung  

Have you seen The Frame by Samsung? If you have, you might not have noticedWhen powered off, the QLED screen turns into a lifelike work of artYour guests won’t be able to tell it’s a TV on the wall 

Power off The Frame, and it transitions into a masterpiece mounted flat against the wall like a real framed paintingThe Art Mode interface grants you access to 1,200 works of art to choose from that you can change at any time, breathing new life into your bedroom, living room, or media room interior.  

The Frame’s brightness sensor ensures the art looks realistic in any light, and motion sensors power the display off in unoccupied rooms. Once someone walks in, it automatically activates to display your favorite artworks.   

Turn the screen on, and you’ll enjoy Samsung’s incredibly clear QLED technology. Its Adaptive Picture technology automatically senses the room’s surrounding light and adjustthe image’s contrast and brightness. Multi-View mode lets you easily split the screen in two, and Active Mode Amplifier adjusts video volume in real-time for clearer dialogue.   


TV Mirrors by Séura  

Looking for another option? Rather than turn your TV screen into a work of art, Séura’s Mirror TVs transform into an elegant, reflective mirror on the wall. It’s not a magic trick—your television really will turn into a functional mirror! You’re free to design a room without worrying about a clashing screen, and instead, a stylish mirror fits into any space 

Séura’s Mirror TV displays HD 4K picture quality with audio output options for distributed sound solutions. So, if you’d like to use high-end loudspeakers in the media room, your mirror TV is compatible. Séura provides over 100 designer frame options, so you can find a model that suits your home’s personality.   


Pair with In-Wall and In-Ceiling Speakers  

Surround sound and high-end loudspeakers deliver the robust audio a 4K screen deserves. But if you’d like to stay minimal in your media room, you might not want five or more speakers around that space. We can also blend audio into your home with in-wall and in-ceiling speakers and subwoofers.  

Brands like Meridian and Sonance build impressive architectural speakers that we’ll install within your walls and neatly finish over. Now, your audio and video will be completely hidden—until you tap your remote or smartphone and suddenly, powerful sound and stunning visuals appear.  


Are you interested in elegantly disguising your home’s audio and video? Contact Aurum in Denver, CO to learn more about our hidden AV options and see the technology in action.   

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