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Bring the Ultimate Theater Experience To Your Home


A Home Theater Installation Exceeds Your Expectations Of What Watching A Movie Can Be

Movies are a cultural force over a hundred years in the making, and the cinema experience is a key element. Theaters are temples to the art of filmmaking, designed to maximize light and sound into stories that make us laugh, cry, and cheer - often all at the same time.

Modern technology provides us with innumerable ways to view a film, from televisions to mobile devices. While these formats allow you to access and play content, they lack the visceral connection a well-designed and integrated theater furnishes.

A home theater installation brings the romance and excitement of a real movie experience to your Boulder, CO smart home.  Are you ready to see how you can always have the best seat in the house? Read below to learn more.


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The Room’s Relevance

Whether you are looking to recreate the lavish luxury of golden age movie houses or a more modernist take, the room has a demonstrable impact.  A well-crafted theater balances the decor and architecture with technology to meet your high expectations and vision.

The size, shape, fixtures, and fabrics you choose determine the type of screen used and how speakers are configured and calibrated. We work closely with your designers and contractors to work through potential issues and collaborate on solutions that make the moment experiential.


Immersive Sound

Alfred Hitchcock, the famed director, once stated that the storyline of a great film should be understood without sound. It may be a conceptual tenet in the school of filmmaking, but without audio, you miss the element that brings you into the world on the screen.

Surround sound creates a multidimensional audio field that places sounds as you would hear them in the real world. Chase scenes generate the feeling of thrill, danger, and anticipation by recreating the rushing air, the noise of the engine, and the sense of space of the vehicle all around you. The spectacularly crisp and clear audio puts you in action, not just passively watching.


The Perfect Image

Directors and cinematographers create movies to play in theaters on large screens with wide aspect ratios. Ultra-high-definition televisions can reproduce an image of 3840 x 2160 (UHD), while cinema level DCI 4K is shown at 4096 x2160. The projector and screens used in a home theater allow you to watch as intended, with stunningly immersive images. The sweeping vistas and articulate framing intended by the director come through.

Dedicated home theater projectors match and often exceed the quality of those installed in your local high-end multiplex. The video projector generates millions of true-to-life colors, and reality-bending depth of field in the stunning detail modern movies demand.


The Best Seat, Your Home

Are you ready to make your seat the best seat in the house every time? Imagine reclining in your custom chair as the lights dim, waiting for the adventure to begin.


We want to bring you the ultimate home theater. Call us at 303-558-9050 or fill out our contact form for a no-obligation consultation.  We look forward to working with you!

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