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Home entertainment looks different for every individual, but the common factor is a sense of escape. When you enclose yourself in your home theater or media room, you’re shutting the door on your workday or various life stresses and welcoming in your favorite entertainment. Best of all, you get to surround yourself with audiovisuals and lighting that meet your aesthetic. 

No matter your preferences, Aurum will ensure your home theater setup is built on the highest quality, designed to your specifications, and more importantly, feels like a comfortable oasis to gather or enjoy alone time. Keep reading to see which three steps you need to take to boost or build your Denver, CO, luxury home theater. 


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Superior Sonic Experiences 

The first key to escape into a scene is experiencing it sonically. Whether it is a rousing musical score or a sound effect, audio stimulates our senses and evokes the desired emotion --  even more so when you choose object-based surround sound that moves through the room.  

Premium products from manufacturers like McIntosh, Sonance, and Steinway Lyngdorf deliver high-performance audio for streaming, movies, and podcasts. You can choose from attractive freestanding and surface-mounted speakers to in-surface and hidden speakers and even subwoofers.  


Clear, Enticing Imagery 

The first step to creating an escape is through superior visuals. Today’s 8K TV displays take advantage of state-of-the-art technologies that ensure a real-to-life picture with vivid colors, high contrast, bright images, and no blur.  

If you prefer a projector, Aurum can install one that fills a massive wall with stunning images. If you want your projector screen to disappear when you’re finished, we can install ceiling lift options to make your screen vanish. Clients enjoy the reverse effect too -- that breathless moment when the screen descends, signaling that the film is about to start.  


Illuminate Your Entertainment Spaces 

When you think of a movie theater, you often picture the darkest room imaginable. This dim ambient lighting directs your focus to the happenings on screen. However, contrary to popular opinion, professionally designed theaters don’t sit in total darkness. They usually involve some meticulously crafted dimming and accent lighting so you can slowly transition back to life after the movie’s over or see your way to an outside room.  

Lutron and Ketra lighting will set the scene for your movie so you can adjust your smart lighting to illuminate the room perfectly without interfering with the entertainment. Best of all, you only have to click one “Movie” button, and dozens of lights adjust to your command simultaneously.  


When you work with a luxury home theater installer and designer like Aurum, you’re only a few steps away from entertainment that exceeds even your dream setup. Find out more by calling Aurum at 303.558.9050 or filling out our contact form. We look forward to hearing from you. 

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