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3 Reasons You Should Partner with a Home Theater Company

A professionally designed home theater.

Professional AV Integrators Can Bring a True Theater Experience to Your Home

A home theater is more than a TV hooked up to a couple of speakers. But you likely know that already! In addition, just because you have a dedicated space with theater seats, a large-screen display, and surround sound, that doesn’t mean your theater is the best it could be. 

Instead, the theater space at your home in Denver, CO should deliver an astounding cinematic watching experience that movie theaters provide. In order to create a true theater experience, you’ll need to partner with a professional home theater company like Aurum.

As professional AV integrators and home theater installers, we have access to premium technology and the training to turn your room into a state-of-the-art theater. Keep reading to learn more about the benefits of working with home theater professionals. 

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1. State-of-the-Art Equipment

Some people may have the tendency to take a bit of a DIY approach to home theater installation. That is, they go to a big-box retailer for the latest 4K TV and surround sound speakers. Fortunately, you aren’t “some people.” You understand that if you want a professional-quality home theater, you need only the best products and services.  

Companies like Aurum provide you with cutting-edge home theater equipment, such as speakers from Steinway Lyngdorf, projectors from JVC, and lighting by Ketra. Movie theaters don’t get their equipment from retail stores, and nor should you! So for a truly cinematic experience, get your AV equipment through home theater professionals.

2. Engineering and Technical Knowledge

Even with the best AV technology on the market, simply installing it doesn’t equal an optimized cinematic experience. If you use a projector, it needs to be properly calibrated, so you get a great picture. Surround-sound speakers need to be arranged correctly for immersive audio. Acoustic treatments may need to be added to the space to help absorb unwanted echo.

Properly setting up your theater is hard without technical knowledge and training. AV professionals have the expertise and knowledge to ensure your home theater is optimized for the best audio, picture, and overall experience. 

3. Complete Control and Integration

A technology company can also integrate your home theater technologies into your preexisting home automation platform. Integrating your theater with a smart home platform will allow you to control your display, speakers, and other devices on the same dashboard you control the rest of your home. Managing your home and streaming your favorite media couldn’t be easier!

A home theater provides a watching experience unlike any other, but it needs to be properly designed and installed. Contact Aurum today to start the project with a discovery meeting, so we can learn about your space and how to design the private cinema of your dreams.

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