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Be Immersed in Sound and Vision with a Custom Home Theater

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Discover How Working with the Region’s Premier Integrator Transports and Transforms You

Storytelling in an innately human experience. From Homer's The Odyssey to the latest chapter of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, we use these tales to entertain and even decode the world around us. Every culture has a legacy of creating engaging narratives that connect the past with the present and the future to come, engaging the imagination and enriching the soul. 

Movies have been called the perfect art form, connecting us to the mystical with every element the great master of the past strove to communicate with sculpture, painting, and music. The need to express love, pay homage, or communicate an idea drives actors and filmmakers. A home theater is a temple to this concept, providing you with the perfect blend of technology and atmosphere. 

Are you ready to enjoy true movie-watching perfection in your Boulder, CO, home? Then keep reading below to learn more. 

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Setting the Stage

The environment in which you watch a film affects the depth of your immersion, and the technology you use impacts your overall experience. Cracking open a hardcover book provides the thrill of what is to come with the feel of its rough edges and the smell of paper, pulp, and ink. 

Likewise, your home theater's decor and design should create a sense of anticipation, sending a tingle across your skin with the atmosphere as you enter through the doors. From the brilliant starlight ceilings, dazzling wall coverings, and customized seating, you give yourself over to the experience. At Aurum, we ensure that every element adds to the superior sights and sounds while embracing your senses. 

Be Transformed and Transported

The innovative director, producer, and actor Andy Serkis who marries his skeptical eye with the spiritual idea of karmic energy transference has stated: “I’d like to think that we strive in film and theatre to tell great stories, and I believe in the power of storytelling in our culture.”

High-end projectors and displays bring out the smallest details and nuanced imagery in the stunning ultra-high-definition video. The ability to generate true-to-life colors in millions of pixels creates remarkable depth-of-field that blurs the boundary between fantasy and your seat.

Sound is the emotional element of any movie; the dialogue, music, and sound effects invoke a connection, moving you in ways an image alone cannot. The ultimate performance comes through products that blend technology with elegant craftsmanship. We install surround sound systems that satisfy the demands of discerning listeners like you and industry leaders. 

Make Your Own Story

We are passionate about creating environments that enhance and elevate your experiences daily. Are you ready to revel in the ultimate in-home entertainment? To learn what our expert team can do for you, start by calling us at 303-558-9050 or filling out our contact form. We look forward to working with you! 

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