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High-End Audio Spotlight: Steinway Lyngdorf Model A

A Model A Steinway Lyngdorf speaker sitting against a wall next to a lamp

Steinway’s Model A can be installed against a wall without losing sound quality

Steinway has long been an industry leader in audio. Audiophiles know that a Steinway system brings unmatched luxury to their lifestyle in their homes, apartments, penthouses, and yachts. Now, Steinway Lyngdorf has created a new, high-performance speaker that can be placed just inches from the wall without losing audio quality. Learn more about the Steinway Lyngdorf Model A Series for your high-end audio system in Denver, CO.




The Model A is the perfect speaker for rooms where the shape or interior design limits the amount of space a speaker can occupy. The shallow design and tuning optimized for wall placement make it a versatile addition to any room. And this speaker offers more than its space-saving feature. The stylish design blends in seamlessly with your decor. The Model A is crafted by hand in Denmark and features a black piano finish, black strings, and matte gold details, calling to mind the classic style of Steinway & Sons piano. The speaker can also be personalized to different finishes by special requests.



Steinway Lyngdorf uses an integrated system approach to match the ideal amplifier for superior performance. The Steinway & Sons A1 or A2 digital power amplifiers integrate with the system while the stereo or surround processors perform the active crossover in the digital domain for the perfect performance in any room. The result is a crystal clear sound that fills your space.


Air Motion Transformer Tweeter

The proprietary Air Motion Transformer tweeter consists of a thin, folded Kapton diaphragm between neodymium magnets, creating a clear and distortion-free performance at high frequencies. The tweeter is mounted on a solid gold-plated base with lacquered side panels and acoustically transparent strings.


Powerful Woofers

The Steinway & Sons Model A speakers feature two large 12” woofers on the front that provide a phenomenal bass performance to make it stand out from other smaller speakers and a 6.5” midrange driver. The two woofer cones create a large sound-radiating surface that can produce frequencies below 25 Hz, combining Steinway’s RoomPerfect™ technology for powerful lower frequencies in a small package. In addition, four-layer voice coils and large vented magnets feature low distortion, low compression, and high power handling.

Aurum is a proud partner of Steinway Lyngdorf products in the Denver area. We will help you through every step of the installation process, from picking out the right products for your space to teaching you how to use the fully implemented system. Reach out to us right here to learn more!

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