Make Your Movie Watching Experiential


Enjoy More Than Entertainment. A Home Theater Immerses You in the Story

Movies have been called the perfect art form, bringing together the elements of painting, sculpture, light, and literature. The medium involves all of our senses directly with the images and sound or indirectly by stirring subconscious recollections.

How we watch films is a testament to their cultural importance. We isolate ourselves in specially designed spaces focusing only on the stimuli generated by the story unfolding before us. A home theater enhances the experience by making it deeply personal, combining all of the excitement and intensity with the creature comforts of your house.

At Aurum, we are dedicated to furnishing you with the ultimate luxury technologies that elevate how you live. Read more below to learn how you can enjoy the benefits of a private cinema in your Denver, CO, smart home.

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Have A Seat

When you enter a theater, where do you prefer to sit? Do you head straight for the front row to completely feel the power of the image, or do you like to sit back, giving you some objective distance from the screen?

Regardless, you should have a seat that exemplifies the superior environment, complete with plush cushions, whisper-quiet reclining, and the perfect places for your snacks and devices. So whether you are sitting alone or snuggling under blankets with the kids, as the lights dim, the best seat in the house is yours.


Suited to Your Space

Creating the perfect space for movies requires balancing the right projector and screen suited to the room’s size and personal preferences. Projection screens come in various formats, including models that have embedded glass beads for increasing the reflected brightness and focus for more intimate rooms. Larger rooms benefit from screens that distribute light evenly, creating a more even image avoiding issues like hotspots.

Projectors are the heart of any home theater. They generate the superior depth of field and true-to-life colors that immerse you in the characters and plotlines, blurring the boundary between reality and fantasy. We offer a variety of projector options that fit any situation and environment, from standard projectors to full-blown cinema-quality units.


Sound That Satisfies

You should not settle for less than stellar audio, ever. In order to feel the full range of emotions and excitement, your speakers must be able to reproduce the subtle nuances, thunderous rumbles, and everything in-between.

The exemplary crafted cabinets surround you in soundscapes that transport, move, and place you right in the middle of the action. Enjoy immersive high-fidelity whether you are watching the latest action movie or a recently restored concert film.


Built Just for You

Every home theater is built to meet your desire for the ultimate movie experience. Are you looking to make the most of every moment? Call us at 303-558-9050 or fill out our contact form to start the conversation. We look forward to working with you!

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