Create Spaces of Impeccable Beauty with Lighting

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Elevate Your Luxury Home with Enhanced Lighting Control

Lighting, in many ways, defines a home. It sets the mood from intimate and mysterious to welcoming and open. Good lighting makes it easy to perform your everyday tasks. However, great lighting changes and transforms a space. As Victor Hugo, the French romantic writer, said, "To see beauty is to see light."

At Aurum, we create spaces of impeccable beauty by balancing natural and electric light, blending the two to create the perfect atmosphere and environment at home. And we make this illumination effortless to manage with the latest lighting control systems. 

A home’s beauty is defined by light and shadow, adding enhanced dimensions, highlighting your room’s best features, and transforming the ordinary into the extraordinary. Are you ready for lighting control to elevate your home in Denver, CO? Continue reading below to learn more. 

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The Power of Daylight

With the right lighting, any space in your home can be sculpted into a work of art. This requires understanding how natural light flows throughout a home as the sun rises and sets. Natural light should softly illuminate a space without overwhelming it, while the right light fixtures and placements combine to create a beautifully designed lighting scheme. 

Of course, light does more than enhance the beauty of your home. It also lifts your mood, improves your well-being, and introduces the revitalizing and calming hues of the sun. An intelligent home controls this balance of light effortlessly. Elegant, whisper-quiet motorized shades raise and lower automatically throughout the day based on a schedule. In response, your home’s lighting dims and brightens, creating the perfect illumination and balance of natural and artificial light. 

Incredible Convenience

Thanks to home automation, you can control today's lights by tapping icons on touchscreens and selecting the room and the light source. Or, press “Dinner” on an elegant in-wall, custom-engraved keypad, and the lighting in the dining area turns to a golden candlelight glow. 

Press "Relax," and the lights throughout your home transform to the perfect hue and temperature—such as soft amber, arctic blue, or seafoam green. Also, with the latest dynamic full-spectrum lighting, you can access every color of light in the visible light spectrum.

Did you forget to turn the bedroom lights off when you left home? Pull up the app on your smartphone and turn them off with one touch. Are you feeling a little overwhelmed? Press the “Unwind” scene, and the living room will be bathed in Mediterranean blue lighting while your whole-home sound system streams a soothing playlist. 

We live in a remarkable time when our smart homes and intelligent lighting create incredible beauty and ease of living while enhancing our well-being. At Aurum, our design and home technology experts create tailored solutions unique to every client's needs and dreams. Are you ready to enhance your home and lifestyle? Contact us at 303-558-9050 or fill out our contact form to start the conversation. We look forward to working with you!   

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