Bring Beauty and Well-Being into Your Home with Daylight


Effortlessly Manage Sunlight and Privacy with Motorized Shades

Those who live in Vail, CO, experience some of the best views the world offers. Light filters through the windows for almost 250 days of the year bringing with it increasing feel-good serotonin levels, stimulating the production of vitamin D, and aligning visual and circadian systems that evolved with the dynamic shifts of daylight. 

Today, sunlight plays a critical role for designers, an element like no other. Like lighting design on a set, it affects one's perception and influences moods, changing the emotional quality of a room. In fact, one of the best ways to assess good architecture is by evaluating how natural light is managed throughout the space. As Louis Kahn, the highly influential modernist architecture, said, "We are born of light. The seasons are felt throughout light. We only know the world as it is evoked by light.”

Are you ready to experience effortless management of sunlight? Read on to discover how motorized shades bring beauty, vitality, warmth, and daylight into your home.

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Managing Daylight Made Easy

Instead of adjusting shades manually throughout the day, the sun and the intelligence of your home automation system guide the operation of your custom window treatments. Experience the beauty of another mountain sunrise when your east-facing shades rise just as the sun peaks over the horizon. Later in the day, the west-facing shades gently remind you the sun is setting by opening to the orange-red glow of fading daylight. 

Throughout the day, your motorized shades raise and lower in near silence, responding to the changing position of the sun. They let in the diffuse daylight that brings the sun’s many benefits while reducing the UV rays that harm a home’s interiors and fine artwork. In addition, they let sunlight filter through south-facing windows, warming your home in the winter months. 

Ensuring Privacy

At the touch of a button, close the shades in one room or throughout your home, and watch as shades lower in perfect unison across a row of windows. Then, when it's time for sleep, tap the "Good Night" button by your bed, and all the shades lower, the doors lock, and the alarm arms. We can also program your window coverings to close as night falls, ensuring complete privacy.

At Aurum, we design a system curated just for you. We’ll get to know your lifestyle and program your smart home system in a manner that surprises, delights, and enhances each day in your luxury home. Are you ready to make the most of daylight? Call us at 303-558-9050 or fill out our contact form to start the conversation. We look forward to working with you!

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