Enhancing Wellness Through Smart Home Automation

A tropical beach with a palm tree hanging over white sand.

Turn Your Home into a Sanctuary with Today’s Technology

Treating our homes as a sanctuary, a place to rejuvenate and retreat from the many never-ending details of life has long been a part of human nature. As smart home automation integrators for luxury homes in Boulder, CO, many of our clients embrace smart technology for its convenience, comfort, and ability to create a healthier home. And today’s smart technology can, in fact, create stunning sensory perceptions that elicit relaxation and positive emotions.

Are you ready to turn your home into a relaxing retreat? Continue reading to discover the possibilities.

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Get Enterprise-Grade Wi-Fi Network Performance in Your Home

A woman and two children are looking at an iPad that works over home Wi-Fi.

Today’s Modern Homes Require a Higher Level of Network

It's no secret that homes have more and more connected devices every year. Consider all the smartphones, computers, scanners, and tablets you may use in your home for school and work. Then think about other devices like smart speakers, thermostat, and connected appliances. It's clear that home Wi-Fi networks are being pushed to their limits.

But the strains on home networks go beyond the number of devices. Video in functions like Zoom conferencing, remote classes, and 4K streaming on Netflix and Youtube requires large amounts of bandwidth. If your family uses many of these things simultaneously, you need a network that can keep up. 

The solution for busy, sophisticated smart homes in Denver, CO, lies in a higher-grade network solution, unlike the consumer solutions you get from your internet provider or Amazon and big-box stores. Read on to learn more about improving your home network with commercial-grade solutions. 

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Motorized Shades Offer Elegance and Effortless Control

A dining area with a table and chairs. Lowered Lutron window shades let in diffuse sunlight.

Let Your Smart Home Manage Your Window Coverings

The interplay of natural light in a room draws you in, intrigued by the sunlight that diminishes the separation between our interior world and the world of nature that lies beyond our walls. As the architect, Richard Meyer said, “Architecture which enters into a symbiosis with light does not merely create form in light, by day and at night, but allows light to become form.” 

In addition to creating an alluring ambiance and enhancing the materials and colors it touches, there is an undeniable connection between our emotions and the level of natural light in our homes. Natural light enhances vitality, boosts moods, reduces stress, and improves sleep.

So, why do we find many homes in Denver, CO, with the shades drawn? The answer lies in the UV rays that can cause permanent discoloration and sun damage to our home's interiors and the direct sun's glare that makes it difficult to see computer screens and TVs. We lower the shades when sunlight enters our homes, and there they remain throughout the day, reducing the beauty and benefits of the sun.

Motorized shades change that.

Are you intrigued by the possibilities? Then, keep reading below to learn more. 

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How to Suspend Reality with Your Home Theater System

The interior of a luxury home theater featuring a large screen on the wall with two tiers of gray lounge seats facing the screen.

Take a Journey into Your Favorite Movies with a Professional Installation 

In The Fabelmans, Mitzi Fabelman—a stand-in for Steven Spielberg's mother in this semi-auto-biopic—tells her son, "Movies are dreams that you never forget." No other art medium will burrow into your head so profoundly, making you forget your surroundings while lingering in your memory and emotions for days afterward. 

Movies work based on a suspension of belief needed to reach this dreamlike state. Whether you're watching an ultra-realistic period piece or an over-the-top space odyssey, your home theater system needs to set the right environment. Read on to find out the steps Aurum takes to create an escapist climate for homeowners throughout Denver, CO. 

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Considering Every Element in Luxury Home Theaters

A home theater with a large movie screen, Sony projector, and plush green reclining chairs.

Create Unrivaled Realism with Denver’s Premier Home Theater Company

A home theater is more than the best audio and video technology available. While the images and sound play a significant role in creating the immersive cinematic experience, a designated home theater should impart a sense of wonder and anticipation as soon as you open the doors. 

The choice of acoustic paneling, lighting, seating, and controls creates the overall impression, striking the perfect balance between sophistication and functionality. The design is immediately evident, from Tuscan-inspired elements with exposed beams over fiber optic constellation ceilings to regal, ornate, handmade wrought iron entryways.

At Aurum, a premier home theater company, we consider every element in the creation of luxury home theaters for our discerning clients in Denver, CO. Are you intrigued by the possibilities? Discover more by reading below.

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Bring High-Fidelity Music to Your Outdoor Spaces

An outdoor speaker next to rocks in a backyard with a small waterfall.

Experience the Immersive Element in Outdoor Audio

Do you feel it coming? While winter may still have us in its grasp, spring is right around the corner. Soon, the trembling aspen flowers and the columbines’ first blooms appear, and we'll be gearing up for another magnificent outdoor entertainment season in Denver, CO. 

Are you ready?

For those who spend time dining alfresco or having friends and family over to lounge by the pool, music plays an integral part in the activities and setting the mood. It excites and inspires, relaxes and soothes, and creates a space for celebration and laughter. As Plato said, “Music and rhythm find their way into the secret places of the soul.”

At Aurum, we believe music should be more than faintly-heard background noise, even in the great outdoors. There’s nothing quite like hearing high-fidelity audio as the artist intended, and when you experience it outside, it can leave you breathless. Thanks to today's technology, outdoor audio can reflect the same immersive experience as its indoor counterpart.

Are you intrigued by the possibilities? Then read below to discover the awe-inspiring audio that can transform your outdoor areas.

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Enjoy Your Smart Home to the Fullest with the Newest Home Wi-Fi

A woman sitting at a desk and working on a computer.

Ensure Corner-to-Corner Connectivity All Day, Every Day

Smart homes offer an incredibly luxurious lifestyle. Thanks to today’s technology, you can enjoy high-resolution audio and 4K ultra high-definition video throughout your home and expansive outdoor areas, as well as stream lossless music with the touch of a button. In an instant, your 4K video surveillance feed pops up on the TV so you can see who’s at the door. 

Your smart home is an ecosystem of connected devices that communicate with your home automation platform and with each other. This communication allows the shades to rise with the first light, your lights to dim in response to natural sunlight, and your climate to adjust. 

And as the number of connected devices grows, so does the need for a robust home Wi-Fi that can keep your smart home in Denver, CO, running smoothly and reliably. At Aurum, our team is made up of home automation experts that turn large estates into smart homes. We know the enterprise-grade network these homes require to ensure corner-to-corner coverage all day, every day. 

Our home network solutions are designed to keep your home connected now and long into the future as your technology expands and your needs change. Let’s explore the signs that suggest it’s time for an upgrade.

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Transform Your Home with the Power of Light

A living room with sunlight streaming in the windows and varying light fixtures illuminated.

Manage Your Home’s Lighting with One Touch

Lighting is no longer simply a way to illuminate a dark room when the sun goes down. Today, it’s used to create dazzling works of art, with cities embracing those who inspire us with light. From the Winter Lights of Golden Gate Park in San Francisco to the light sculptures in Denver, CO, lights tell a story, expand our minds, and transform our moods. 

At Aurum, we believe that the perfect home environment encompasses a seamless interplay of daylight, dynamic illumination, and powerful controls. Our lighting control systems create breathtaking environments delivered with one touch and transformed for every mood and event. 

Are you ready to experience the latest advancements in how we illuminate our homes? Continue reading below to learn more.

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Immerse Yourself in Another World with a Custom Home Theater Design

A home theater with a Sony projector, chaise lounge seating, and a large screen depicting snow-capped mountains.

Creating One-of-a-Kind Home Cinemas

Movies offer much more than entertainment. They inspire and take us on an emotional journey, from sadness to longing, anticipation, and joy. Stanley Kubrick, one of the greatest filmmakers of all time, shared this about his films, “A film is—or should be—more like music than like fiction. It should be a progression of moods and feelings. The theme, what’s behind the emotions, the meaning, all that comes later.” 

Films have even been called the “seventh art,” along with architecture, sculpting, painting, and music. Like these art forms, they influence us in immeasurable ways, letting us walk in another’s shoes and feel what it’s like to live in a different time, be a different person, and influence change. 

A well-thought-out home theater design provides the space for this type of experience. Are you ready to enjoy the images and sound that transport and inspire you in your Vail, CO, home? Then keep reading below to learn more.

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Experience the Luxury of Smart Window Coverings

A woman sitting on a couch with a tablet in her hands. Window shades are partially drawn over floor-to-ceiling windows.

Motorized Shades Provide Beauty, Elegance, and Effortless Control

Natural light is known to elevate our moods, increase productivity, and enhance our well-being. So important is it to our health and your home’s beauty that world-class designers determine the quality of architecture by how natural light illuminates the space. With the proper lighting and window treatments, a home becomes a sanctuary, illuminated from within and brought to life with the sun's filtered rays. 

Motorized shades can create this warmth and intrigue and make managing daylight effortless. They also offer exquisite window coverings with designer fabrics from around the world in sheer, woven, and luxurious tactile materials. When integrated with a home automation platform, these shades create the perfect level of daylight and privacy without effort, providing extreme convenience and comfort. 

Are you intrigued by the possibilities and benefits smart window coverings provide? Explore how we create the perfect environment that’s both beautiful and functional in your Boulder, CO, home.

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Go With a Media Room Design That Transforms Your Entertainment

A media room with a large screen, projector, sectional, and pool table.

Bring Friends and Family Together for the Ultimate Entertainment

A home theater offers the ultimate home entertainment. The immersive cinematic experience comes to life with plush, tiered seating, lighting that emulates elegant movie theaters, and acoustic paneling that resembles great works of art. In these rooms, movies come to life, inviting us into other realms, a world where we journey with the characters, encompassing their emotions and participating in what's happening on screen.

But what if you want a more multi-purpose environment designed for socializing, a space that invites friends in for viewing the latest sporting event, playing a video game with the kids, and watching a great movie with the family at day’s end. That’s when a media room design offers the perfect solution.

Our media room design brings together relaxed lounge-style spaces that retain the superior sights and sounds of a home theater, enabling you to enjoy good conversation and great entertainment at the same time.

Are you ready to explore the possibilities of a well-designed media room? Then keep reading below to learn more. 

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How to Create a Sanctuary with Lighting Automation

A peaceful bathroom with a softly illuminated tub and bamboo growing beside it.

Enhance Every Occasion and Mood with Inspired Lighting

Light has long been used as a way to illuminate a path in the dark. Our ancestors created wooden torches with dried juniper wood, ivy, and pine resin and used this light to tell their stories, creating humanity's first art galleries and star maps in the deep recesses of ancient caves. 

Ancient Greeks used natural light and nature in their healing temples, recognizing renewed vigor and recuperation for those recovering from illnesses. While our lives have significantly changed, the power of light remains. 

Let’s explore how we can bring this restorative power into our homes in Denver, CO, creating a sanctuary of beauty, elegance, and transformational awareness. Lighting automation will lead the way.

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Relax and Leave the World Behind in Your Custom Home Theater

Two people watching a Spiderman movie on a large movie screen in a home theater.

Let a Luxury Home Theater Company Transport You to Another Realm

Movies can challenge our perceptions of the world and our place in it, serving as a medium to express the fundamental aspects of human life, from love to the very concept of reality. The power of film lies in its unique realism, taking us into the minds and hearts of the characters until we become absorbed and lost in another world. 

Movies take us to places we may never see, such as high atop the Himalayas, deep within underground caves, and other worlds only dreamed of. The best movies make us forget we’re sitting in a theater, the sensory content so real and accurate that we suspend our disbelief and view what’s happening on screen as reality.

This type of realism requires an immersive cinematic experience—the all-encompassing sound and the lifelike images that occupy your field of vision. At Aurum, we’re committed to delivering this level of realism, a space where the best entertainment transcends time. As a home theater company with extensive experience designing and creating home theaters for the largest estates in Denver, CO, we create custom solutions that define the true cinematic experience.

Are you intrigued by the possibilities? Keep reading to learn about experiencing the true power of film.

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Bring Beauty and Well-Being into Your Home with Daylight


Effortlessly Manage Sunlight and Privacy with Motorized Shades

Those who live in Vail, CO, experience some of the best views the world offers. Light filters through the windows for almost 250 days of the year bringing with it increasing feel-good serotonin levels, stimulating the production of vitamin D, and aligning visual and circadian systems that evolved with the dynamic shifts of daylight. 

Today, sunlight plays a critical role for designers, an element like no other. Like lighting design on a set, it affects one's perception and influences moods, changing the emotional quality of a room. In fact, one of the best ways to assess good architecture is by evaluating how natural light is managed throughout the space. As Louis Kahn, the highly influential modernist architecture, said, "We are born of light. The seasons are felt throughout light. We only know the world as it is evoked by light.”

Are you ready to experience effortless management of sunlight? Read on to discover how motorized shades bring beauty, vitality, warmth, and daylight into your home.

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Create Spaces of Impeccable Beauty with Lighting

A living room with a lit fireplace and picture windows overlooking mountains.

Elevate Your Luxury Home with Enhanced Lighting Control

Lighting, in many ways, defines a home. It sets the mood from intimate and mysterious to welcoming and open. Good lighting makes it easy to perform your everyday tasks. However, great lighting changes and transforms a space. As Victor Hugo, the French romantic writer, said, "To see beauty is to see light."

At Aurum, we create spaces of impeccable beauty by balancing natural and electric light, blending the two to create the perfect atmosphere and environment at home. And we make this illumination effortless to manage with the latest lighting control systems. 

A home’s beauty is defined by light and shadow, adding enhanced dimensions, highlighting your room’s best features, and transforming the ordinary into the extraordinary. Are you ready for lighting control to elevate your home in Denver, CO? Continue reading below to learn more. 

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Breathtaking Lighting Reveals Your Home’s Finest Features

A well-lit living room and kitchen area.

Transform Your Luxury Home for Every Occasion with the Power of Lutron Lighting

Lighting has always played an integral role in luxury home design - from elegant lighting fixtures to a seamless combination of functionality and style that can transform a room into a work of art. Like a beautiful painting, it brings the viewer to an emotional - even transcendent - state of mind that would not be achieved without it. 

Now, Lutron lighting has given us the ability to set the mood and ambiance in every room. With a palette of settings and colors to define a space, Lutron lighting affects everything it falls upon, creating the desired atmosphere in a way that no other element can. As Oscar de la Renta said, “The most important thing? Perfect lighting at all times.” 

Are you intrigued by the possibilities in today’s home lighting? Explore how we set the stage for every occasion and mood in your Denver, CO home. 

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Set the Mood for Every Occasion with Home Automation

A woman sitting on a couch with a tablet in her hand. The shades are partially drawn over floor-to-ceiling windows.

Live a Life of Luxury in a Smart Home

What constitutes a life of luxury is very different from one person to the next. According to Oscar de la Renta, the famed fashion designer, “Luxury to me is not about buying expensive things, it’s about living in a way where you appreciate things.” 

A luxurious lifestyle involves living a life of ease and comfort. That could mean driving the cars you love, exploring various parts of the world uninhibited, and doing the things that bring you joy, whether it’s an intimate dinner at a Michelin-star restaurant or spending time with friends and family at a mountain resort. 

But luxurious living also pertains to the day-to-day activities in your Boulder, CO, home. It’s the convenience, comfort, quality, and experiences of those days that create a luxurious lifestyle. Here’s where home automation comes in. Keep reading to see why a smart home is considered the epitome of luxury. 

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Love to Entertain? Here’s Why You Need a Home Theater

 A home theater with a large screen and black leather chairs.

Take Home Entertainment to a New Level with a Custom Theater

There’s a reason people love movies. For two hours or so, viewers can forget the stressors of everyday life and their responsibilities and watch a character fight, grow, fall in love, or save the world. In addition, movies bring people together. You could be speaking to a complete stranger but feel an immediate kinship when you learn you share a favorite movie.

With a home theater, you create a communal space enjoyed by everyone in your Denver, CO home. And with state-of-the-art AV technology, you dramatically enhance your home’s entertainment capabilities. It’ll become a place where family and friends want to gather to enjoy movies, TV shows, and more together. Keep reading to learn more! 

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3 Reasons You Should Partner with a Home Theater Company

A professionally designed home theater.

Professional AV Integrators Can Bring a True Theater Experience to Your Home

A home theater is more than a TV hooked up to a couple of speakers. But you likely know that already! In addition, just because you have a dedicated space with theater seats, a large-screen display, and surround sound, that doesn’t mean your theater is the best it could be. 

Instead, the theater space at your home in Denver, CO should deliver an astounding cinematic watching experience that movie theaters provide. In order to create a true theater experience, you’ll need to partner with a professional home theater company like Aurum.

As professional AV integrators and home theater installers, we have access to premium technology and the training to turn your room into a state-of-the-art theater. Keep reading to learn more about the benefits of working with home theater professionals. 

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Motorized Shades Offer Effortless Control of Daylight


Bring Beauty and Elegance to Your Home with Motorized Window Coverings

Window coverings can bring incredible beauty and functionality to our homes, significantly changing how a room looks and feels. They can add a touch of elegance, a modernistic flair, or a whisp of sheer material designed to pay homage to the sun. 

They protect our fine art and furnishings from direct UV rays that fade hardwood floors, rugs, art, and photographs. They let the beauty of diffuse sunlight in, while providing privacy when evening falls. These window coverings play a significant role in our daily lives, yet we often take them for granted. Raising and lowering them throughout the day is more trouble than benefit, leaving many stationary. 

That’s where motorized shades come in. These shades offer the same beauty and elegance along with automated and one-touch control. Tap an icon on a touchscreen and lower every shade in your home or in just one room. Tell the shades to lower by 50% in the living room, and it's done. Wake to shades that automatically rise with the first rays of the sun. Motorized window coverings make the tedious fun and managing daylight effortless. 

Are you ready to create unrivaled ease of living while adding beauty and elegance to your Denver, CO, home? Let’s explore the many benefits motorized shades provide. 

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