How to Suspend Reality with Your Home Theater System

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Take a Journey into Your Favorite Movies with a Professional Installation 

In The Fabelmans, Mitzi Fabelman—a stand-in for Steven Spielberg's mother in this semi-auto-biopic—tells her son, "Movies are dreams that you never forget." No other art medium will burrow into your head so profoundly, making you forget your surroundings while lingering in your memory and emotions for days afterward. 

Movies work based on a suspension of belief needed to reach this dreamlike state. Whether you're watching an ultra-realistic period piece or an over-the-top space odyssey, your home theater system needs to set the right environment. Read on to find out the steps Aurum takes to create an escapist climate for homeowners throughout Denver, CO. 

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Advanced Video Technology 

One of the characters in the Fablemans (set in the 1950s) explains the magic of cinema: "These photographs move past the light really fast. 24 photos in every second…the photographs move past faster than your brain can let go of them, and that's how the movie projector tricks us into believing that motionless pictures are moving."

Today's high-end projectors and televisions deliver up to 120 frames per second, creating a greater immersion for viewers. Add 8K video resolution and high-dynamic range, which produces a billion colors, and there's an unprecedented number of worlds where movies take you from the comfort of home. 

Elevated Sound Experience 

During the 1950s, movies used four-track stereo sound. Each track carried audio to a dedicated speaker. We are now able to offer our clients 3-dimensional sound with Dolby Atmos. Signals move freely around the room. Employ over a dozen speakers and additional subwoofers for powerful sound that encompasses you from all sides. 

Even with the best speakers, it takes extra work to help you lose yourself in your favorite movies. Our team incorporates acoustic treatments that reduce reverberations and echoes that become glaring distractions. Expert calibration ensures sound reaches you at the right time and volume while synching perfectly with the images on the screen. Finally, we add soundproofing to keep the dishwasher in the kitchen or children running around the living room from interrupting the movie. 

Home Theater Magic 

Even though audio and video are your theater protagonists, we add a bit of automated magic to the mix to make it easy to sit back and relax come movie time. Press play on your remote or the "Movie" scene in your dedicated touchpad, and the lights dim, your AV system powers up, and your go-to video source is ready to go. Now all that is left to do is get the family to agree on what to watch. 

Aurum will craft a home theater system that transports you into new worlds for a few hours each day. Enjoy only the best viewing experience when working with us. Please set up a consultation with our team by calling or filling out our contact form. 

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