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Perched on the skirts of the Lower Highlands and peering into the bustling city, The Bindery is reminding Denver locals that in fast-moving times, convenience should not exclude attention to detail, nor pride in food. The chef-owned small business moves to strike a balance in modern lives by providing artisanal foods, handcrafted and nurtured with great care, and a dining experience grounded in tradition that is both playfully inventive and decisively chic.

The exhibition kitchen, bar and separate bakery and market area run parallel to the dining room, which extends along most of the length of 4,000 square foot space. With seating for over 100, guests can choose from sitting at the bar, regular tables, highboys in the windows, or for the best seats in the house, the four-top chef’s table set amongst the cooks’ stations.

The Challenge:

With high open ceilings, combined with hard lid ceilings above the bar, the challenge was to provide excellent coverage and consistent tonality throughout the entire space, without compromising the modern and exceptionally clean design cues.

“The client was very particular with the look of the spaces. She tasked us with finding great sounding speakers that would fill the space with sound, but not take anything away from the aesthetics. Aurum recommended Sonance Pendant and In-Ceiling Speakers, and she was open to the idea. Once we installed them and turned them up she was thrilled with the sound quality and how they seamlessly blended with her ceiling detail.”

Daniel Stern, President/CEO, Aurum Home Technology

The Solution:

Professional audio integration is more than merely filling a room with music. It’s a tangible design element and a critical part of the space’s environment that is meant to create a mood, elevate the senses and not distract from the designer’s vision and aesthetic goals. For over 30 years, the architectural speaker pioneers at Sonance have continually explored and refined the fine art of musical fidelity within a designed space, with their series of award-winning in-wall and in-ceiling speakers.

Sixteen Sonance Professional Series Pendant Speakers were used in the open ceiling areas, while an additional six In-Ceiling Speakers were installed in the hard lid areas to provide coverage for patrons sitting at the bar. Outside, Sonance Landscape Series Speakers were used in planters boxes to deliver the same level of fidelity.

“Our restaurant is comprised of various attributes that contribute to the dining experience and one of them is our sound system. It was extremely important to me that the sound system was of the highest quality and could perform in a way that guests felt surrounded by the music, if the dining room was full or if they were the first table of the day. I rely on our sound system every day and Sonance is the perfect fit.”

Linda Hamspsten Fox, Chef & Owner

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